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Unique things in Baltimore

Ever thought of Baltimore as just another city on the map? Think again! Dive deep with me as we uncover some of the most unique, quirky, and downright fascinating things nestled in this harbor town.


Tell your friends that you’re heading to Baltimore and they’ll expect you to be dining on crabs and exploring around the Inner Harbour. While you should have these on the itinerary, there is so much more to a trip to Charm City. New food markets, bars on the rooftop and restaurants are restoring the dining scene of the area. And one of the most popular beer brands in the world, Guinness, has just opened its first US brewery close to Baltimore. Here are some unique things you can do in Baltimore.

Sample sweet and savory food at food markets 

As people crave local flavors at an affordable price, food markets have sprouted throughout the country. Baltimore boasts six historic public markets as well as new industrial chic food halls.

Head to Remington’s R. House to drink seasonal cocktails in its large square-shaped bar and feast on food offerings including vegan delights at Stall 11, White Envelope Venezuelan pocket sandwiches, and Molina Pizze & Polpette pizza made from local ingredients. A fixture since the late 18th century, Lexington Market is where you will find the famous Faidley’s Seafood crab cakes, Konstant’s Candy peanut brittle, and the beloved Berger cookies topped with a thick layer of Berger’s Bakery fudge.

Under a single roof enjoy beer, ice cream and a climbing gym

ice cream with strawberry on cone

Baltimore’s newly opened Union Collective defies categorization by being part food production space, part retail location and part brewery. The space near Hampden is the new home for Union Craft Brewing’s beer production and taproom where you can sip a pale Duckpin ale or a golden ale Anthem, followed by The Charmery’s Old Bay Caramel scoop. Or take a seat on the expansive patio outside, with a colorful abstract mural depicting the brewing process as the backdrop. At Earth Treks climbing gym, the athletically inclined will work off the carbohydrates.

Bury your toes in the Sandlot

man in blue denim jeans walking through the sand

Baltimore is home to a beach in the growing new community of Harbour Point. Do not jump into the water but dip your toes into the sand, play corn hole and drink some slushies in Sandlot. The restaurant group behind the most famous restaurant in the city, Woodberry Kitchen, debuted a waterfront restaurant.. Choose from comfortable seating in the lounge or picnic tables where you can order food and drink. 

Explore new rooftop bars and new restaurants

A plethora of new bars bringing drinkers to new heights. The latest, Topside, debuted on the 14th floor of the boutique Hotel Revival this spring, offering 360-degree views over the surrounding neighborhood of Mount Vernon, clever cocktails and foosball tables. For a birds-eye view of East Baltimore, head to the 16 on the Park terrace, a hotel rooftop restaurant which opened at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus late last year.

On the 29th floor of the Four Seasons Baltimore, the glass-enveloped place Bygone imitates the booming’ 20s vibe with luxurious surroundings. The 19th floor of the Lord Baltimore Hotel’s terrace, the two-year-old LB Skybar, will fit the bill, if you want more relaxed surroundings and boozy popsicles.

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Get crabs and other seafood

Captain James Landing, LP Steamers, Nick’s Fish House, or the family-owned Costas Inn, it’s no secret that Baltimore is known for its crabs, and you absolutely need to scuttle over to the favorites.

Try venturing additional notable seafood restaurants into the communities. There’s Dylan’s Oyster Cellar in Hampden, known for its fresh local oyster range, and of course Woodberry Kitchen.

Best breweries for local and international brews

person filling clear glass with liquid

Fun fact: The first flag of the country was raised on the floor of a local Baltimore brewery, so you might argue that beer is literally woven into the fabric of our great nation. There are increasing numbers of breweries and Maryland is the only place in the US where you can visit a Guinness brewery. Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House opened in Relay on August 3 (about 20 minutes from downtown) and is already attracting beer lovers to its taproom, gift shop and exhibits showcasing the history of the famous brew. Drink a pint on a warm day outside.

There are also plenty of local craft-breweries. Ride the Heavy Seas and the Waverly Brewing Company, appreciate the Art of The Brewer, climb the Peabody Heights and take a tour, try a trip, then take a few cold ones down. Take a trip to Howard County with Manor Hill Brewing, Hysteria Brewing Company and Black Flag Brewing Company to complete your beer tour.

Power Plant Live

A collection of bars, restaurants with live music and other such venues. Grab lunch or dinner here, while enjoying the electric neon lights of the area. Celebrate Mardi Gras, or many other events here. While exploring I found a coworking space I really liked called Spark, you can find more details here.


Well, folks, that’s Baltimore for you – a kaleidoscope of experiences waiting to be discovered. Like peeling layers off an onion, every corner you turn unravels a new tale, a fresh vibe, and an unexpected sight. So, next time someone mentions Baltimore, remember it’s not just about the harbor or the Ravens; it’s about the hidden gems, the whispers of history in its cobblestone streets, and the cultural dance that’s uniquely Baltimore. Ready to pack your bags yet?

Common Questions

Known as charm city, Baltimore is known for its harbors, sea food and arts

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