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Unique Things to do in Salt Lake City

Dive deep into the city's unique attractions, from historic sites to trendy hangouts, and explore the lesser-known wonders of SLC. Whether you're a local or a visitor, our guide to the most unique things to do in Salt Lake City will offer fresh perspectives and adventures

Unique Things to do in Salt Lake City

There are so many amazing things to do at Salt Lake City, from admiring fantastic artwork to milking cows! The list we put together has some of the best things to do in Utah to make sure you have an unforgettable vacation!

With natural and man-made wonders, there’s no need to wonder what to do in Salt Lake City!  Stick close to our top things to do in Salt Lake City for an awesome trip!

Explore Kennecott Copper Mine 

The pit is more than half a mile deep, 2.5 km long, covering 1,900 acres!

The Kennecott copper mine is the largest man-made hole in the world! The beautiful landmark is one of the best attractions in Utah!

The mine continues to be active today and is one of the world’s most productive mines. A visitor center is located at the mine to learn about the operation of the mining company and its past. There is also a shuttle to the mine, which can be found on the website, https://utah.com/kennecott

Visit the Natural History Museum of Utah

Since 1959, the museum has gathered its collection and is now located in Utah University. There are 1.6 million specimens and research artifacts in this amazing museum so much to explore!

With exhibits about the creation of landmarks such as the Grand Salt Lake and Middle Rocky Mountains, this is a great place for history buffs. There are also archeological items used to recreate the first inhabitants of the region!

Create Your Own Knife

brown handle silver knife on brown wooden table

Forge your own knife at Stone Fox Forge in Salt Lake City One of the strangest but most fun things to do in Salt Lake City is certainly to become a blacksmith for a few hours!

While you’re in town, book a workshop with a specialist to learn about the blacksmith trade and how to make a knife! This is the best way to guarantee your protection while learning a new skill. You’ll have your own special knife at the end of the Lab!

Follow in the Footsteps of the Mormons

The father of the Mormon faith, Brigham Young, had a dream of where his church would meet. He and his 1300 followers marched across the desert until from his dream he saw this valley. “This is where it is!” He screamed out. The place is now a museum!

Nearby the memorial is the Old Desert Village that replicates those early Mormons ‘ lifestyle. There are streets, homes, a hotel, and a farmhouse filled with actors in period garb bringing history to life!

Walk on Salt Flats

utah salt flats

One of the most unusual things to do today in Salt Lake City is to take a trip to Salt Flats in Bonneville. This is a rare natural salt reservoir, covering 30 000 acres!

Bonneville Speedway, one section of the salt flats, has so much salt it appears like a frozen coated lake of snow! Once a year, along this slippery ground, there’s a vehicle race that attracts thrill-seekers from all over!

Go to the rest stop. This area offers spectacular views of the salt flats and you can go walking on the flat, a fascinating experience in itself!

Hunt for Ghosts 

Ghosthunting is certainly not what you’re expecting from sightseeing in Salt Lake City but it’s a lot of fun (and just a bit spooky)!

Rio Grande Train Depot is allegedly one of the city’s most haunted locations! It is home to “The Purple Lady” you will find next to the cafe. Legend has it that she’s been killed trying to get her engagement ring off the train tracks!

Ghosts can also be spotted at the Brigham Young Farmhouse, Shilo Hotel, and Capitol Theatre. Book a professional guide to get the use of their special ghost hunting equipment

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Trace your family history 

Trace your ancestry through the Salt Lake City Family History Library.

The Library of Family History has millions of genealogical records for about three billion people! It makes it the largest such facility in the country, and one of Salt Lake City’s most mind-blowing places to visit — free!

The staff are friendly and keen to help. If you have written records of your ancestors in your family, carry them along to help speed up the process!

Create Your Own Jewelry 

SLC is home to a vibrant arts scene and to join in is the best way to experience that! The B Golden Jewelry School offers workshops to show you how to design your own jewellery, a special souvenir to take home! Link here! https://www.bgoldenjewelryschool.com/classes/

You may make pieces of jewelry with professional equipment such as a soldering torch, using sterling silver and precious stones. It is a fun activity to tie in with your holiday and one that will last for a lifetime!


Salt Lake City, is for those looking to slow down, a perfect weekend getaway.

Common Questions

The Salt Lake Temple and the surrounding Temple Square, the Utah State Capitol, and Antelope Island State Park are among the top landmarks every first-timer should see.

While Salt Lake City does have a functional public transportation system including buses and trams, renting a car can be beneficial if you plan on exploring areas outside of the downtown region or want more flexibility in your schedule.

he ideal time for outdoor activities, especially hiking and sightseeing, is from late spring to early fall, with September being particularly picturesque due to the fall foliage. However, if you’re into winter sports, December to February offers prime skiing conditions

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