Finding the right company to use for your travels, can be overwhelming. In the last 8 years of travelling, I have seen my fair share of bad, good and amazing companies. The list you see below are companies that are tried and true!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. What does that mean? Anytime someone books with the link, I get referral credit. I have used all the companies below and stand by them. Using my links helps support my travel blog. Thank you!


Couchsurfing Logo
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If you are wanting more of local experience, Couchsurfing is the way to go. Stay on someone couch or spare room for free! And meet amazing locals.


Get the chance to stay in more unique locations and have a place to yourself. This site connects homeowners who rent out their homes or apartments.

This platform has a wide selection of accommodation for any budget, all for no money upfront! Find budget hotels or more premium ones.


One of my favorite places to book for hostels. Reserve ahead of time and check out what each hostel offers. I love that you can just pay a portion of the cost when reserving and the rest later.

Sleeping In Airports Logo

Take care of peoples pets and homes while they are away, in exchange for free housing.


Find hotels in asia!

Sleeping In Airports

Find out the sleeping options in airports and if they are friendly to overnight stays

For more information on how to find the best accommodation, visit this article


Japan Railpass
Rental Cars

She multiple transportation options from point A to point B.


A great way to travel cheaply by paying for a seat in someone’s car, already going to your destination.

Japan Rail Pass

The cheapest way to see more of Japan.  Buy your pass before entering japan for the best deals.

A great resource for finding rentalcars.


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Student Universe Logo
Escape ATX

Since I am mainly based out of Austin, I am always looking for great flight deals. This website by far has amazing deals. They also deals for San Antonio, Dallas, New York and more.


Cheap flights for students!

Google Flights

Google Flights lets you enter your departure airport, with no destination. Allowing you to see where your can fly to for the cheapest. This site is by far the best for flights.

For more information on how to find a cheap flight, visit this article with all my tips.

Stay Connected

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Expresss VPN
Google Fi Logo

I have used Tmobile all over the world, with free roaming included in many countries.


Keep connected to your services from home. Get past geolocation locked sites.


With service available all over the world for a flat monthly fee it’s hard to beat.

Things to do

Viator Logo
Atlas Obscura Logo
Meetup Logo

A great site to look for travel packages and tours

Atlas Obscura

A site with strange and unique places to visit on your trip


Find things to do around you and meet some new people!


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Cloudflare Logo

A great place to host your site when getting started. Their low prices are hard to beat.


Create mailing list


Helps speed up your site

Remote Work

Upwork Logo

A great resource for finding remote work online.


Allianz Travel Logo

So far my go to travel insurance


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The Points Guy Logo
Chase Sapphire

Pay people or get paid, through borderless payments


Another great way to receive and send payments


Great resource for using your creditcard points and more

Chase Sapphire Preffered

No foreign transaction fees and extra points on travel

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