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My Story

Hi! My Name Is Justin

Me at niagra falls

I’m Justin, or Just In Travel.

As you may be able to tell from my name, one of my passions is to travel the world.

 Have you ever just sat and thought, “There has to be more?”

“How can I travel the world like Instagram influencers?”,

 “How can I push myself to be more and explore more?”

“I have heard of digital nomads, travel, and work; how do I become one?”

“Can I be a digital nomad? How do I start?”

These are all questions I also had at one point. Since 2013, I have had this growing thought. As I began college, I did what many others have done, google “How can I travel and work abroad?” I tried many things and failed many attempts. But with perseverance and planning, I was able to make my dream come true around 2018.

From 9-5 To World Traveler

I have been remote for almost 5 years and traveled to 50 countries in my 28 years of life. I don’t come from a family with generational wealth, nor am I rich by any means. But my love of travel fueled a drive in me towards entrepreneurship and preparation to set up my life to be a digital nomad.

I was always a bit of a floater growing up, with different groups of friends but never feeling like I belonged. At first, it felt like a weakness. Until I had the opportunity to travel abroad while in high school, thanks to my parents working extra hard and for EFTours, a program that allowed for monthly payments towards a trip through school,.

My eyes were opened; being flexible and not tied to something could be a good thing. But how.. how could I continue to travel? I started with selling candies in high school, becoming an event ambassador (raves), and buying and reselling electronics (online auctions and eBay) in college to save towards this dream.

I chose computer science as my career, knowing it was one way towards being a digital nomad. I would learn programming in school and use Udemy for further learning. That’s when I began my blog and realized that I could make sites for others too and get paid for it. So I began freelancing on Upwork. I had my adult job and my freelance work.


What You Will Learn Here

If you want to travel on a budget while working on your goals and careers, I hope I can help you with this. You will find tips on travelling cheaply, but also in places where you can still connect to the internet for work.

How To Prepare for your digital nomad journey

  • Study
  • Save
  • Freelance
  • Plan

Travel Doesnt Have to be expensive

  • How to travel and save money doing it: Petsitting, couchsurfing, volunteering

How To Connect With Others

  • Coworking spaces
  • Coliving
  • Digital Nomad Communities

Digital Nomad Travel Locations

Some of the best locations, like

Main Goals?

We all have different drivers. My focus isn’t to become a famous travel blogger, but instead to share stories and inspire you to dream for more. We all have different ideas for how we want to live our lives. Right now this is my dream.

Inspire People To Explore

Start A Travel Agency

Open a Hostel

Top 3 Countries I visited?

1. Japan

I have a few friends in Japan that helped me fall in love with the country. Not only did I make amazing memories but really enjoyed how active everyone was. I happened to travel during the Pokemon-Go craze, and I loved to see everyone catching their Pokemon and having a good time. Another reason I loved japan was all the festivals! During summer anywhere you go there is something to celebrate, its a great way to enjoy life.

2. Thailand

I loved the culturally rich Bangkok, and its endless shopping malls. I had some crazy adventures in Thailand. From getting stranded with no money with a stranger. Going to the Fullmoon party with a new friend, for him to get all his stuff stolen (he found his passport *whew). And partying in Pattaya, where I almost fell of a hill, while parking my scooter. 

3. Iceland

Ever want to see a winter wonderland? Go to Iceland during the winter. From riding a superjeep, viewing frozen waterfalls, and taking a dip in a hot spring. My visit was one of the most enchanting, serene, and expensive.


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