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Hi! My Name Is Justin

Me at niagra falls

Justin Gonzalez

Software Developer & Travel Blogger

My Story

Who Am I?

I am a Software Developer, from Texas. I discovered my love for other cultures and travel, after completing a summer internship in India. As a student, I had to budget to be able to travel and go the backpacking route. Having this this opportunity really opened my eyes. After graduating I took a 3 month break before starting my first adult job. During this time I didn’t let go of my dream. I did what we all do, followed a the google rabbit hole on how to travel long term.

I told myself that after 3 years of working and saving, I would take a year off.  I didn’t just save money though I made a game plan and preparing for how I would make money while not having a regular 9 – 5. So I also started freelancing, and I started two etsy stores ( only one worked out). 

I learned about couchsurfing and housesitting, which along with staying at hostels, allowed me to see 38 countries. 3 years later, and
 the pandemic had other plans however as we know. I am currently still working my 9 -5 and working on my side hustles. Not all was lost though, as the year 2021 I was able to be a part time digital nomad, and start living the dream I wanted.

I hope my experiences in the past and future, can help motivate other people who dream to explore the world or just develop as people. You see will see, tips and hints from my personal experiences.

Main Goals?

We all have different drivers. My focus isn’t to become a famous travel blogger, but instead to share stories and inspire you to dream for more. We all have different ideas for how we want to live our lives. Right now this is my dream.

Inspire People To Explore

Start A Travel Agency

Open a Hostel

Top 3 Countries I visited?

1. Japan

I have a few friends in Japan that helped me fall in love with the country. Not only did I make amazing memories but really enjoyed how active everyone was. I happened to travel during the Pokemon-Go craze, and I loved to see everyone catching their Pokemon and having a good time. Another reason I loved japan was all the festivals! During summer anywhere you go there is something to celebrate, its a great way to enjoy life.

2. Thailand

I loved the culturally rich Bangkok, and its endless shopping malls. I had some crazy adventures in Thailand. From getting stranded with no money with a stranger. Going to the Fullmoon party with a new friend, for him to get all his stuff stolen (he found his passport *whew). And partying in Pattaya, where I almost fell of a hill, while parking my scooter. 

3. Iceland

Ever want to see a winter wonderland? Go to Iceland during the winter. From riding a superjeep, viewing frozen waterfalls, and taking a dip in a hot spring. My visit was one of the most enchanting, serene, and expensive.


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