How To Go To Siargao Island

How can I travel to Siargao Island from Manila? This article provides detailed instructions on how to take a bus, ferry, or airplane so you can choose wisely.


Excited about planning a vacation in Siargao? This charming island, hailed as the “Most Beautiful Island in Asia” and the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines,” offers a myriad of reasons to fall in love with its laid-back vibe and stunning landscapes.

But before you can bask in the beauty of Siargao, it’s essential to figure out how to reach this paradise island. Luckily, navigating your way to Siargao Island, Philippines is straightforward, with several transportation options available.

Why siargao is famous?

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Siargao became famous thanks to Cloud 9, a top surfing spot that attracted people from around the world. But even if you’re not into surfing, Siargao has a lot to offer. With its beautiful beaches, clear waters for snorkeling and diving, and stunning natural sights like waterfalls and caves, it’s a paradise for any traveler. Plus, you can enjoy delicious local food and international cuisine. While most tourists head to General Luna for surfing, places like Del Carmen, home to Sugba Lagoon, are also becoming popular. Overall, Siargao’s fame comes from being a fantastic destination for a relaxing island getaway.

How To Go To Siargao Island

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Flying is typically the best way to reach Siargao, often offering the most affordable option unless you’re traveling from a neighboring island. Alternatively, if you’re coming from Cebu or Davao, overland travel can be a viable choice. You can opt for buses or ferries to Surigao, followed by a direct ferry from Surigao to Siargao.In the following sections, I provide detailed instructions on how to navigate these travel options.

Flights To Siargao Island

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If you are wondering how to go to Siargao from Manila by plane, it’s important to note that Siargao Airport can only accommodate smaller aircraft, which limits the available flight options.

Currently, direct flights to Siargao are primarily available from Manila and Cebu. Airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Cebgo, Sunlight Air, and Philippine Airlines operate flights to Siargao throughout the day.

For travelers flying from Manila or Cebu, a direct flight to Siargao is the most convenient option, with prices starting at around P2,500. Booking in advance can help you secure cheaper fares.

If you’re traveling from other parts of the Philippines, you’ll likely need to first fly to Manila or Cebu before connecting to a direct flight to Siargao, which is usually the most efficient way to reach the island.

Alternatively, you can explore flying to Surigao and then taking a ferry to Siargao, although flight options to Surigao are even more limited.

For the latest flight prices and schedules, click here.

Siargao Airport is centrally located on the island, approximately 15 kilometers north of the ferry terminal in Dapa.

Travelling By Land To Siargao?

Due to Siargao’s small size, traveling here by land from other parts of the Philippines isn’t possible without taking at least one ferry. From Davao, you can take a bus to Surigao, then catch a ferry to Siargao. For travelers from elsewhere in the Philippines, the journey involves taking a ferry to Surigao first, then another ferry to Siargao.

Check here for the latest bus schedules and ferry ticket prices.

Stay tuned for more detailed instructions on reaching Siargao from various locations in the Philippines.

Taking Ferry To Siargao

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If you’re traveling to Siargao from anywhere in the Philippines, you’ll need to take a ferry from Surigao, located on the northern tip of Mindanao.

From Surigao, you can board a ferry operated by Evaristo & Sons Sea Transport to Dapa on Siargao Island. The ferry schedule from Surigao to Siargao typically includes departures at 10 am and 3 pm, but these times may vary depending on the season.

Tickets for the ferry start at ₱550 for the cheapest seat without air-conditioning, and the journey takes about an hour and a half.

It’s advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially during weekends and holidays when options may be limited. Keep in mind that schedules and tickets are usually available only a few weeks ahead, so check back closer to your travel dates if needed.

For the latest ferry schedules and ticket prices, click here.

Additionally, ferries from Surigao also travel to other destinations such as Cebu or Southern Leyte.

Check here for the latest bus schedules and ferry ticket prices.

Getting to Siargao from…

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In concluding our travel guide to Siargao, let’s highlight the popular ways to get there. Below, I’ll outline some of the common routes to reach this beautiful island, ensuring your journey is smooth and enjoyable.

How to go to Siargao from manila

For the quickest and most convenient route, opt for direct flights from Manila to Siargao. With multiple flights available daily, carriers like Philippine Airlines, Cebgo, and Sunlight Air offer a smooth two-hour journey.

To secure affordable fares, it’s advisable to book your Manila to Siargao flights in advance. Click here to check prices and schedules.

If you’re considering an overland adventure, it’s still possible. Philtranco offers a 45-hour bus journey from Manila to Surigao, including ferry crossings along the way.

For a faster option, break up the journey into segments. Start with a 21-hour bus ride from Manila to San Ricardo in Southern Leyte, departing daily at 8 am from Aurora Cubao via DLTBCo. Tickets start at ₱3,500. Click here to view schedules and ticket prices.

From San Ricardo, a short taxi ride will take you to the pier for ferries to Surigao. Montenegro Shipping and Ferries operate three times daily, with the journey lasting approximately an hour.

how to go to siargao from surigao?

A common and comfortable way to travel from Surigao to Siargao is by ferry. Departing from Surigao City port and arriving at Dapa port in Siargao, these ferries offer a scenic four-hour journey.

Ticket prices range from Php 250 for senior citizens to Php 365 for regular passengers. Ferries operate daily, giving you flexibility in choosing a convenient departure time. However, it’s always wise to check the weather forecast before your trip, as sea conditions can vary.

Click here to check prices

How to go to siargao from cebu 

To reach Siargao from Cebu, you have two options.

The first is the quickest and easiest: catch a direct flight from Cebu to Siargao. These flights, operated by Philippine Airlines or Cebgo, take just an hour. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Cebu to Siargao, although it’s not a direct route. First, you’ll need to ferry from Cebu to Surigao, then transfer to the ferry described earlier for the final leg to Siargao.

The Cebu to Siargao ferry departs Cebu City around 9 pm, arriving in Surigao City at approximately 7 am—a journey of about ten hours, operated by Starlite Ferries.

Tickets start from ₱1,350 for a reclining seat, with options to upgrade to a bed or private cabin.

Check the latest times and prices here.

How to go to siargao from Iloilo

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To reach Siargao from Iloilo, flying is your best option, though direct flights are unavailable. Opt for flights via Manila or Cebu, usually taking around 4 hours including layovers.

For flight details and prices, click here.

However, don’t overlook land and sea travel. The fastest choice is a direct ferry from Iloilo City, departing Saturdays at 6 pm and lasting about 11 hours. Book online up to a week ahead.

For schedules and fares, click here.

Once you’re in Cebu City, catch a ferry to Surigao, then another to Siargao.

If there’s no direct ferry from Iloilo to Cebu, try a more complex route: take a ferry to Bacolod, cross to the east coast, then ferry to Cebu Island. From there, head to Cebu City and proceed with ferry options as before.

How To Get From GenSan To Siargao (General Santos City)

To journey from General Santos City (GenSan) to Siargao by land, you’ll start with a bus ride to Surigao, followed by a jeepney or tricycle to the pier, and finally a ferry to Siargao.

The simplest route begins with a bus to Davao, taking about 3.5 hours and costing around P1,000. From Davao, another bus ride to Surigao takes approximately eight hours.

Alternatively, flying from GenSan to Siargao can save time, though not directly. These flights typically include layovers in Manila or Cebu, totaling about 5.5 hours.

For flight options, click here.

how to go to siargao from davao

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To travel from Davao to Siargao, you can take an eight-hour bus ride to Surigao. Buses run frequently from early morning to afternoon, with fares starting at P955. From Surigao, hop on a jeepney or tricycle to the pier for the ferry to Siargao.

If you prefer flying, there are no direct flights from Davao to Siargao. You’ll need to connect via Manila or Cebu, which might save you some time.

For flight options, click here.

How To Get From CDO To Siargao (Cagayan de Oro)

Getting to Siargao from Cagayan de Oro (CDO) follows a similar route as mentioned earlier, as both are located on the island of Mindanao.

To travel from CDO to Siargao by land, you can take a bus to Surigao and then catch the ferry to Siargao as described previously. For bus schedules and tickets to Surigao, click here.

There are a few direct buses from CDO to Surigao in the evening, taking about 9 hours including an hour waiting time in Butuan. These buses depart from the Agora Terminal in CDO.

For more flexibility, you can take any bus from CDO to Butuan, which runs more regularly and takes about five hours with Bachelor Express. Buses to Butuan run every couple of hours, and from there, you can find regular onward buses to Siargao as detailed in the previous section.

If you prefer to take a flight from CDO to Siargao, you’ll need to fly via Manila or Cebu, which may save some time. Explore prices and options here.

How To Get From Clark To Siargao

To travel from Clark airport to Siargao, you have two main options. Firstly, you can fly to Siargao via Cebu. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Manila and then catch a direct flight from Manila to Siargao.

For flight prices and options, click here.

If you’re considering traveling to Siargao from Clark by land, you can take a bus to Manila and then follow the directions outlined for traveling from Manila to Siargao above.

Best month to visit siargao

The best time to plan your Siargao trip depends on what you’re looking to do: surf or simply relax on the beach.

For surfing enthusiasts, aim for a trip between July and November. These months mark the peak surfing season in Siargao, offering optimal swell and wind conditions. Plus, September hosts the Siargao International Surfing Cup, a must-see event for surf lovers.

If you’re not into surfing and prefer soaking up the sun or exploring the islands, plan your visit between March and September. During this dry season, the weather is sunny, and the waters are clear—perfect for swimming and island-hopping adventures.

Final Words

I trust you found this travel guide to Siargao helpful. Siargao is truly a stunning destination worth visiting. Whether you opt for flying or taking the ferry and bus, reaching Siargao is relatively straightforward.

However, once you arrive on the shores of Siargao, any travel fatigue will fade away, and you’ll find yourself in paradise!


The shortest flight time from Manila to Siargao is 1 hour and 55 minutes.

For those seeking a swift escape, a three-day trip to Siargao is feasible. However, to truly indulge in all the island has to offer, we suggest extending your stay to a minimum of five days.

Getting from Kalibo to Boracay is quite simple. Upon arrival at Kalibo Airport, you’ll find buses and vans readily available to transport you directly to Caticlan Jetty. You can easily walk out of the airport and locate an agent or van to assist you with your transfer.



Covering a distance of 242 km, traveling from Siargao Island to Cebu City without a car is best accomplished via a combination of outrigger boat, bus, and ferry. This journey typically takes approximately 10 hours and 30 minutes, with fares ranging from ₱2,500 to ₱3,000.


For an exhilarating surfing experience, opt for a visit between July and November, the prime surfing season. If you’re more inclined to explore the island’s pristine beaches, secluded lagoons, and other stunning attractions, consider planning your trip during the summer months from March to May.


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