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Top 10 Instagrammable Places In Davaos Philippines(Updated 2024)

This article will guide you through the top best Instagrammable spots within Davaos. Trust me; you don’t want to miss out on some of these! So, without waiting any longer, let’s dive right in!

What are some popular Instagram spots in Davao, Philippines?

When it comes to photography, Davao City is a dream, offering numerous Instagrammable places thanks to its lush vegetation and breathtaking scenery. As one of the Philippines’ major urban centers, Davao is recognized as one of the nation’s safest and most significant cities. 
With the Philippines’ highest peak in Davao, your sightseeing and adventure options will significantly expand. Your findings will astound you.

If you’re wondering what to do in Davao, here are my top 10 best tourist spots in Davao City

1. Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Beach

If you’re wondering where to go in Davao City 2024, worry no more; it takes only 45 minutes by boat to reach Pearl Farm, the island’s crown jewel, from Davao City. Once upon a time, the site of what is now Pearl Farm Beach Resort was a pearl farm, where some of the ocean’s most magnificent gems were bred and cultivated. Surrounded by pristine beaches, the Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life while also introducing you to the colorful traditions of Mindanao. Relax in luxurious lodgings and unique stilt houses while enjoying the sea’s sights, sounds, and smells. 

Location : Brgy, Babak – Samal – Kaputian Rd, Babak, Island Garden City of Samal, 8119 Davao del Norte, Philippines

Opening hours: 24 hours

2. Jienos Garden Beach Resort

Jienos Garden Beach Resort

Pantukan, the southernmost city in the Philippines, may be worth a stop for tourists visiting Mindanao. Pantukan is a quaint village with stunning natural features, including lovely sand beaches and enthralling waterfalls. There are peaceful farms there with spectacular scenery. Tourists flock to this picturesque municipality on the coast of Davao de Oro province for its sun and beach. The outdoor pool at the Jienos Garden Beach Resort has a crocodile theme and is equipped with slides, and guests can use the pool and the beach for free. Tourists on day trips can stay in quaint cottages. 

Location : Pantukan, Davao de Oro

Opening hours: 24 hours 

3. The Philippine Eagle Centre

The Philippine Eagle Centre

Discover one of the most captivating places in Davao City by visiting the Philippine Eagle Center, the sole known captive population of Philippine eagles.
The only known captive population of Philippine eagles is at the Philippine Eagle Center, located eight hectares southwest of Davao City’s central business district. The Philippine Eagle Center is the best spot to see eagles in their natural habitat, where they can be observed in an environment that closely mimics their natural surroundings. It has educated students, foreign visitors, and influential Filipinos about the need to preserve carbon and its habitat. You can get a free guided tour of the premises if you book it in advance. 

Location : Malagos-Baguio Road, Brgy, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur, Philippines

Opening hours: 8 AM to 4:30 PM (Mon to Sun) 

4. Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park

Eden Environment Park is about an hour’s drive from Davao City.  It is a fantastic location for environmental and adventure fans, thanks to its quirky rides like the SkyCycle.Mangosteen plantations and hydroponic greenhouses are among the many examples of flora to be found here. Visitors interested in animals can enjoy the park’s aviary and butterfly sanctuary. This sculpture garden is one of many mini-attractions scattered throughout the park. Horseback riding and tilapia fishing are two more activities that could be fun here. 

The most incredible thing to do in Davao City at the park is ride the Skycycle, a bicycle suspended on a wire. Bikes equipped with these unique wheels “hug” the steel cables. Since most of the fun at Eden Nature Park and Resort occurs outdoors, the dry months of December through May are the best time to go. 

Location : 29HX+MPJ, Toril, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur, Philippines

Opening hours: 9 AM to 5 PM Everyday 

5. Davao Museum

Davao Museum

We recommend including a visit to the Davao Museum in your itinerary, along with trips to the beach, water sports, and durian shopping, to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and history of your home country. This museum, one of the most Instagrammable places in Davao City, houses numerous valuable items, including historical artifacts and artistic creations crafted by various ethnic communities native to the region. The Davao Museum houses numerous valuable items, including historical artifacts and artistic creations crafted by various ethnic communities native to the region. This museum allows people around the Philippines, especially in Davao, to keep their unique cultural history safe and secure.

The museum exhibit includes a replica of a Bagobo made from rattan, bamboo, and other natural materials, a diorama of a Bagobo Thanksgiving festival, and a giant clam discovered on Samal Island’s Pearl Farm beach. These unique artifacts provide a window into the past, providing insight into the artistic and cultural practices that shaped the identities of modern people.

Location : Zonta Building, 113 Agusan Circle, Insular Village 1, Lanang, Davao City

Opening hours: 9 AM to 5 PM (Mon to Sat) 

6. Talikud Beach

Talikud Beach

Talikud Beach, located on a tiny island off the coast of Samal, is perfect for those searching for a serene and visually stunning beach day. The water is a brilliant blue, and the shoreline is pristine and white. That’s not all, though; the island is well-known among daring beachgoers for its vibrant and diverse marine habitat, complete with protected coral and fish sanctuaries.

The bluest water in the Philippines is claimed to be found here. From Davao City, a trip to Talicud Island takes around an hour. The island has many excellent dive sites, including Angel’s Cove, Mansud Wall, and Coral Gardens (Linosutan). If you have extra time, you should take beginner diving lessons.

Location: Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte

Opening hours: 24 hours 

7. Malipano Island

Malipano Island

Malipano Island, one of the Philippines’ most stunning islands, lies just a few meters from the shore of the Island Garden City of Samal, Davao’s Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Tourists hardly hear of it. Malipano has several villas with modern conveniences and butler services, making for a relaxing and luxurious stay. Additional amenities include manicured, verdant lawns and the chance to engage in water sports. On this island, you will have the privacy to explore the shoreline at your own pace in the comfort of your room.

If you want to see and do everything this island offers, you can stay in Malipano or choose lodging at Pearl Farm. Depending on your budget and desire for excitement, your time at Malipano and Pearl Farm will look very different. Malipano villas are relatively dear, but the tranquil environment, natural terrain, expansive green grass with coconut trees, and fantastic sea view are well worth the cost. You can reach Malipano without paying for a speedboat ride if you book a room at Pearl Farm, but your stay there will be limited.

Location: Samal Island, Davao del Norte

Opening hours: 24 hours 

8. Jack’s Ridge

Jack’s Ridge

When considering what to do in Davao in 2024, make sure to include a visit to Jack’s Ridge on your itinerary. Davao City is a sight to behold from above. If you missed seeing the city from above, you might always visit Jack’s Ridge for the second-best view. It stands atop the affluent residential area of Shrine Hills, Matina, in the city’s southern uptown. About 30 minutes will get you there from the heart of Davao City. Jack’s Ridge is famous for its breathtaking panorama over the Davao cityscape and Davao Gulf. Since Jack’s Ridge is also a resort, a swimming pool is necessary. The two pools are a fantastic location to relax and unwind while taking in the beautiful scenery and sounds of the city. 

Location: Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City

Opening hours: 8 AM to 9 PM 

9. Mount Apo

Mount Apo

Mount Apo is the name of the tallest summit and most active volcano in the Philippines. With its seven summits, Apo is the newest fitness challenge for avid hikers and adventurers in the Philippines. There are four routes that hikers can take to the summit of Mount Apo. Four distinct pathways can make the ascent of Mount Apo, each requiring a different amount of time.

Location: On the tripartite border of Davao City and Davao del Sur in the Davao Region, and Cotabato in Soccsksargen

Opening hours: 24 hours 

10. Angel’s Cove

Angel's cove

Angel’s Cove is a popular spot for scuba divers and snorkelers exploring the waters near Samal Island. The calm and clear seas make it a great place to try snorkeling for the first time. Divers frequent the area because of the rich marine life below the water’s surface. The site is home to various marine life, including numerous corals, schools of fish, and multiple types of starfish. There have also been reports of sea snakes in the area, but as long as you leave them alone, they pose no threat. As a prime snorkeling and scuba diving destination, Angel’s Cove is best visited during the dry summer (March to May). 

Location : Natipuan, Batangas

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 8 AM to 5 PM, Sat & Sun 10 AM to 5 PM


Tourists will value Davao City despite being one of the most underappreciated tourist attractions. Davao City, Philippines, is surrounded by dense forests and fruit trees throughout August and September. Unsurprisingly, locals and tourists feel comfortable in Davao, as it’s consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the Philippines and the fourth safest in all of Southeast Asia.

Common Questions about Places in davao

Some popular Instagram spots in Davao, Philippines include the Philippine Eagle Center, People’s Park, Eden Nature Park, D’ Bone Collector Museum, Jack’s Ridge, and the Davao Crocodile Park.

Yes, these Instagram spots are easily accessible and can be reached by public transportation or private vehicles.

Yes, most of the Instagram spots in Davao, Philippines have entrance fees. It is recommended to check the official websites or social media pages of these locations for the latest information on entrance fees.

Absolutely! These Instagram spots are known for their picturesque beauty and are perfect for capturing stunning photos for your Instagram feed. Just remember to be considerate of other visitors and follow any photography rules or guidelines set by the location.

Join a full-day Davao City tour, perfect for first-timers or those with limited time. Your guide will provide informative commentary as you explore key highlights like Jack’s Ridge, Crocodile Park, Museo Dabawenyo, Magsaysay Park, and the PRRD residence.




Davao City stands out as a global tourist gem that embodies the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” spirit. Boasting a lively culture, pristine beaches, deep respect for indigenous tribes, and delectable cuisine, a visit to Davao City is a definite must for every travel enthusiast’s bucket list.


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