Mt. Kapigpiglatan Zambales Day Hike

Mt. Kapigpiglatan Zambales Day Hike

Mt. Kapigpiglatan is a 4 hour beginner-friendly mountain hike located in Barangay Omaya in the province of Zambales.

Dayhike Mt. Kapigpiglatan with sidetrip Veto falls

In Zambales province, there’s a mountain called Mt. Kapigpiglatan in the town of San Narciso. It’s good for beginners, with a difficulty level of 3 out of 9. The trail is not too hard, ranging from class 1 to 3. The mountain is 678 meters high (2224 feet) and opened to the public in July 2023. Its name comes from the Ilocano word “piglat,” which means scar.

Local people say the mountain used to be a place where farm animals like carabaos, cows, and horses grazed. It was also a hunting ground for deer and wild boars. The marks left by the boars looked like scars from far away, and the name reflects this history.

The hike to the summit is 6.6 kilometers from the starting point and takes about three to four hours at a normal walking speed. Mt. Kapigpiglatan treats hikers to beautiful green scenery and a fantastic 360-degree view of the nearby area, including the Cawag Hexa mountain range. If you’re new to hiking and want a challenge, Mt. Kapigpiglatan is a great choice.

Mt. Kapigpiglatan Facts

Name: Mt. Kapigpiglatan with side trip Veto falls

Location: Brgy. Omaya San Narciso, Zambales

Elevation: 678MASL

Features: Bukidnon Vibes, Greenery Hills, 3Tier Falls, Dapya River, Bagsit River

Notes: Good for Beginners!

Days required/hours to summit: 3-4 hours

Specs: difficulty 3/9, trail class 1-3

My day trip to Mt. Kapigpiglatan

Mt. Kapigpiglatan group

We began the trip with being picked up the night before. This was a joiner group so I didn’t know anyone. Luckily everyone was very friendly. While we did have some mishaps on the way, forgetting one person, flat tire, car breakdown, we still managed to arrive at the hike with the other groups. One additional note for the ride, bring an inflatable pillow or something because the bumpy ride will not allow you to sleep otherwise.

We prepared for the hike, getting a bag tag, grabbing a quick coffee and changing into our hiking gear. The restrooms here were actually part of a local school, which had a 15 peso donation requirement.  For those not familiar with philippines travel, I would skip the coffee or be prepared to bring your own toilet paper and squat to take care of your business. 

The hike itself was not too difficult, there were plenty of spots where the pace was slow, and others where it got steeper. But the hike can still be handled with those with moderate activity in their lives. Another great plus, is that in 3 spots on the hike there are mini stores of locals selling drinks and snacks, so it was a great place to take a break and take in the views.

[photo of stores] 

On your way up you will pass a bird’s nest, where you can take some nice photos, and even a small spot beside it where you can take a brief rest or nap in the shade. If you are already tired and think you can’t make it further, this is a good spot to relax, or head back down to the first mini store and wait there.

As you get closer to the top, you will be able to see the rivers from the many peaks of the mountain. Take your time on your way back as some areas can be a little steep. You will come back the same way you began and make your way to Veto Falls.

The water is very cool, and there are little pools to enjoy, here you can have your packed lunch and cool down before heading back to the local barangay, to wash or buy lunch and eat, if you didn’t pack anything.

Sample itinerary to Mt. Kapigpiglatan

Day 0 – Saturday

10:00PM Pickup at Jollibee-Shell Buendia EDSA

10:30PM Greenfield Mayflower Parking

11:00PM BMW or McDonalds Centris

Day 1 – Sunday

04:30AM Early breakfast / buy packed lunch

05:30AM ETA Brgy. Omaya

05:45AM Registration/Secure Guide/Orientation

06:00AM Start trek

09:00AM ETA Summit, Mt. Kapigpiglatan

10:00AM Start descend

12:00NN Lunch

01:30PM Proceed to Veto falls

02:30PM Arrive at Veto falls

04:00PM Back to Jump Off

05:00PM Arrive at Brgy. hall / Wash-up

07:00PM Dinner along the way

10:00PM ETA Buendia

Things to bring on your visit to Mt. Kapigpiglatan:

  • At least 2L of Water (or based on your consumption)
  • Packed Lunch
  • Trail Food
  • Hand Gloves
  • Slippers/Sandals
  • Trash bag
  • Medical Kit
  • Toiletries
  • Extra clothes for swimming
  • Poncho/rain coat/umbrella
  • Cap/Bandana
  • Trekking Pole (optional)
  • Extra money

Tour groups for Kapigpiglatan

Pinoy travellers meetup group



Example Fee Charges and inclusions.

Event Fee: P1,500
Downpayment: P500/head
Private Van (RT)
Driver’s Meal, Toll Fee, Parking
Guide Fee
Registration Fee
Souvenir Bagtag

Shower Fee

Common questions about Mt. Kapigpiglatan

The average time to reach the peak is 3-4 hours.

Yes, there are shaded areas, and small local stores to buy snacks and drinks.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions? comment below

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