The Best Instagram Spots In Malaysia

This article will guide you through the top best Instagrammable spots within Malaysia. Trust me; you don’t want to miss out on some of these! So, without waiting any longer, let’s dive right in!

The Best Instagram Spots In Malaysia

Malaysia has much more to offer besides a rich cultural heritage and mesmerizing temples. From a cluster of rainforests to vast highlands to exotic restaurants with a rich combination of cuisines, it also has the best Instagram spots.

The country’s vibrancy will not let you resist filling your Instagram feed with the most beautiful images. If you’re a travel blogger, a tourist, or someone who loves to explore, this is your moment to let people know how beautiful the world is. 

Let’s show them beauty with these 11 best Instagram Spots in Malaysia.

But first, let’s have a quick overview of the country.

Malaysia, Truly Asia

The motto “Malaysia, Truly Asia” perfectly encapsulates the country’s wide cultural variety. It perfectly captures everything about Malaysia that makes it a beautiful country.

Malaysia is the only country in Asia where you may experience a true fusion of the continent’s many cultures, traditions, foods, and landscapes. Malay, Chinese, and Indian people, among many others, are clustered in no other Asian nation. There’s no other place on earth with a wide variety of cultures, celebrations, traditions, and conventions.

Malaysia is also known as a “Food Paradise,” where various delicious foods are available at affordable prices. Malaysia’s Malay, Chinese, or Indian cuisines have a unique spectrum and combination of flavors. Due to the historical impact of Islam and European culture throughout its colonial era, Malaysia prides out as Asia’s only unique hub of diversity.

Here are the 11 best Instagram Spots In Malaysia:

1. The Petronas Twin Towers


The two aesthetic towers stand proudly in the center of Kuala Lumpur, mesmerizing every pair of eyes. They are the tallest pair of skyscrapers in the world, measuring 1,483 feet (451.9 meters). 

The magnificent shape and towering height of the Petronas Twin Towers honor Malaysia’s cultural history while celebrating its rise as a worldwide commercial hub.

These peculiarities make it the most fascinating gram-worthy spot in the whole of Malaysia. 

Among other beautiful spots throughout the towers, the sky bridge is the best place to snap aesthetic sunkissed pictures in the reflection of mirrors. 

Pro Picture Tip: Getting a picture that won’t have people in the background is not easy. However, to capture the whole of the towers, you’ll need to tilt your camera upward, which automatically excludes most of the other individuals. This is the best angle to work with. You can perfectly capture this photo sitting on the water fountain wall in front of the towers.

2. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple


Discover the intricate design of Malaysia’s oldest Buddhist temple, which dates back to 1646. 

One of the most visited sites in Malacca, the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple was built to feng shui standards and has a vista of the river and hills on each side.

This is your spot if you are a nature lover and love capturing natural beauty.

3. Batu Caves


Let me take a moment to appreciate the beauty this hypnotizing place beholds. The vibrant rainbow steps are the key to its beauty. A picture of you sitting on those stairs can literally get you many likes and add aesthetics to your Instagram feed.

Recommendation: Since very few people visit in the morning, we suggest visiting this place at sunrise to capture the most incredible pictures. Sunrise makes the colors look prettier and spellbinding.

Here’s a detailed guide on visiting the Batu Caves.

4. The Umbrella Street, Ipoh

The umbrella street

These umbrellas strung over the streets are among the city’s most photogenic landmarks. Their visual and photographic appeal is unparalleled. 

Post pictures of these colorful umbrellas to your feed to liven things up! 

Vibrancy, liveliness, beauty, and aestheticism are the traits of the place. If this matches your personality, go check out this place. 

Bonus: Get good stuff from Camden market with good pictures at the best prices!

5. Elmina Valley Park

Elmina Valley Park

The beautiful spread on a vast area of Elmina Valley Park should be your next spot to visit in Malaysia for the most amazing pictures. With splashes of color everywhere on the rainbow bridge, you may capture the best picture of your feed. 

There are jogging and cycling paths and a wide variety of sports facilities, making it an excellent place for families to spend time together. 

And if you can stand to wait a little longer, the sun setting over the lake is a sight to see as well and makes for a picture-perfect backdrop.

6. Avatar Secret Garden, Penang


The jaw-dropping infrastructure and interior of the Avatar Secret Garden are enough for you to get thousands of likes on your picture. 

The Hollywood blockbuster movie-inspired garden is an evening place that can give you sparkly photos under fairy lights, neon lights, and fire lamps. 

The blue and white themes are merely there to give you a feeling of forest life and are best for people loving gothic pictures. 

Visit Penang’s Avatar Secret Garden and feel like you’ve stepped into the world of Pandora. 

All your followers will ask where you took such incredible pictures because of the unique lighting in the Avatar Secret Garden.

7. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist destinations, is prime in the state’s westernmost, more elevated region. The scenic views of Cameron highlands will leave you in awe. 

There are multiple locations where you can take a great Instagram picture. However, the best natural pictures you can have could be at Boh Tea Plantation. 

Mount Brinchang is the best place if you are into old-school romantic pictures. And, of course, for vintage pictures, the best place you could visit is the Time Tunnel.

You can read my detailed guide on Cameron Highlands here.

8. W Hotel Bar

W Hotel Kuala

W Hotel Bar  has a very nice vibe and not too expensive cocktails for the location. You can take breathtaking pictures of the city skyline, and relax in one of 150 luxurious guest rooms and suites amid Kuala Lumpur’s modern, cutting-edge architecture and design.

9. Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si temple is one of Southeast Asia’s most significant Buddhist structures in Penang, Malaysia. It’s just as spectacular as the cave temples in nearby Ipoh. 

Stop by Kong Ming Chinese Public School and take pictures of the impressive entrance arch. You’ll find various goods from peddlers along the traditional path. 

Interesting Fact: Hanging lanterns give the temple a stunning golden light during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The Chinese New Year could be the best time to capture photos.

10. Bukit Bintang Street Art

Bukit bitang street

Artists in public spaces have come a long way from when their work was seen as vandalism or graffiti. There has been a nationwide explosion of colorful murals painted on abandoned or deteriorating historical structures. Bukit Bintang Street Art is one of those. 

The beautiful abstract art and other paintings make it the most Instagram-worthy location.

Vibrancy is the primary trait found throughout the country. You can fill up your Instagram with beautiful pictures captured at these places and can leave your followers in awe.

11. Lake Gardens

Lake garden malaysia

The Lake Gardens at Forest Eco Park KL make up one of the finest rainforest sanctuaries in Malaysia and are situated right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. 

There is a beautiful canopy walk in the forest park, and crossing the jungle bridge provides a great photo op. The skyline makes the perfect background. 

Go to Laman Perdana in the Lake Gardens if you want to take great pictures with the geometrically shaped yellow trees.



Taking Instagram pictures is an art. If you’ve mastered it, you can make anything look beautiful and aesthetic. However, with these 11 best Instagram spots, you wouldn’t have to put any effort into making the location look pleasing. Just get out there, and get clicking!


common questions about instagram spots in malaysia

Some popular Instagram spots in Malaysia include the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the beautiful Batu Caves with its vibrant colors and religious significance, the stunning Langkawi Sky Bridge with breathtaking views, the colorful street art in Penang’s George Town, the serene tea plantations of Cameron Highlands, and the crystal-clear waters of Perhentian Islands.

To capture the best Instagram-worthy photos in Malaysia, find unique angles, experiment with different perspectives, make use of natural lighting, and include local elements and vibrant colors in your composition. Additionally, research popular hashtags and geotags specific to each location, and consider visiting during less crowded times to avoid photobombing.

Yes, there are several hidden or off-the-beaten-path Instagram spots in Malaysia. These include the lesser-known waterfalls such as Chiling Waterfall in Selangor or Lata Kijang Waterfall in Kelantan, the scenic paddy fields of Sekinchan, the unique street art alley in Ipoh’s Old Town, the lesser-explored islands of Redang or Tioman, and the enchanting Mossy Forest in Genting Highlands.

Certainly! Some Instagrammable cafes or restaurants in Malaysia include the whimsical Patissez in Kuala Lumpur with its famous over-the-top FreakShakes, the rustic and charming Village Park Restaurant in Petaling Jaya for mouthwatering local cuisine, the stylish and photogenic Merchant’s Lane in Kuala Lumpur with its vintage decor, and the picturesque Colmar Tropicale French-themed village in Bukit Tinggi.

Absolutely! There are plenty of budget-friendly Instagram-worthy spots in Malaysia. You can visit the vibrant and bustling street markets like Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur or Jonker Street in Melaka, explore the picturesque villages of Kampung Morten or Kg. Kling in Melaka, take panoramic pictures at the top of Penang Hill or Genting Highlands without breaking the bank, or discover the cultural heritage of Little India in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

While visiting these Instagram spots in Malaysia, it’s important to respect the local customs and traditions. Be mindful of any photography restrictions or guidelines, especially in religious or sacred areas. Always seek permission before taking photos of individuals. Additionally, remember to maintain cleanliness and preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings by refraining from littering or damaging any property.

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