The Best 7 Cities for Digital Nomads in Malaysia

Nomads seeking their next great adventure can consider Malaysia since it is very affordable, yet has all the modern comforts of a first-world country. Out of the various cities, let’s see the top 7 places in Malaysia for digital nomads!

The 7 Best Cities For Digital Nomads in Malaysia

Digital nomads work as location-independent remote workers which allows them to explore low-cost places that also offer good life quality. 

The infrastructure in Malaysia is excellent for the digital nomad lifestyle and tourism attractions.

Nomads seeking their next great adventure can consider Malaysia since it is very affordable, yet has all the modern comforts of a first-world country. Out of the various cities, let’s see the top 7 places in Malaysia for digital nomads!

1. Georgetown, Penang

For digital nomads, Penang is a fantastic location. 

It offers a:

  • Low cost of living
  • English is common
  • Many coffee shops and coworking spaces

Most importantly, though, it’s a beautiful city to experience island life and a place with a rich cultural history.

In Georgetown, Malaysia, you may explore the city at your leisure, stopping at any cafés or streets that catch your eye.

Pull up a city map where famous and beautiful artwork can be found but the best way to explore street art is to wander the neighborhoods yourself.

Georgetown is highly recognized for its cuisine. The most incredible place to try street cuisine in Georgetown is one of the many hawker centers, also known as food courts, that can be found around the city.

You can check here to find the hawker centers in Georgetown

Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cultures are most prevalent in Penang. The multicultural aspect of Penang has a lot to contribute to the experiences of its tourists, especially digital nomads. Its richness is one of the things that makes it so fascinating. You will find it is easy to make friends in this city.

Co-working Spaces

In Penang, there are various co-working facilities. The ADA Serviced Office in Straits Quay, a charming coastal mall, is a well-liked headquarters.

It has access to delicious meals and views of the harbor and the ocean. Although the co-working space is ample, a day pass is relatively expensive (RM50 a few years back). 

However, if you believe you’ll use it frequently, getting a  monthly pass is best.

2. Kuala Lumpur


In the center of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is an energetic and contemporary metropolis. With more than 1.8 million residents and serving as the capital, it’s now well-liked by expatriates and digital nomads.

Here you will find city life, similar to Bangkok, Thailand or New York city. Lots of food, cafes, malls and people being busy.

If you want to see Kuala Lumpur but are short on time see our Two-day itinerary.

You can find the largest digital nomad and remote working population, as well as the best amenities like co-working places and networking opportunities in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur offers affordable solutions regardless of your financial situation. It’s gorgeous everywhere, from its sophisticated, high-tech metropolis to its older, more historical cultural locations.

KL is:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Offers great coworking spaces
  • Amazing nightlife and restaurants

Kuala Lumpur is easily accessible from virtually everywhere globally and serves as a fantastic starting point for excursions across Asia, thanks to its significant airport hub.

Kuala Lumpur’s top places for housing include:

  1. Mont Kiara 

The city core is typically avoided by long-term expatriates and digital nomads who think of Kuala Lumpur as their home. They live in neighborhoods outside of the city. 

The most well-liked location for expatriates is Mont Kiara, studded with luxurious highrises, foreign schools, and quaint cafés.

  1. Ismail Taman Tun

TTDI is another well-liked area outside of the metropolis. Even though it is located further from the city center, it has a convenient transportation link. 

Prices are comparable to Mont Kiara. However, compared to living in the city center; you may expect more peace.

Co-working Spaces

Here are a few top workplaces in Kuala Lumpur:

  • START Co-Working Space
  • Common Ground
  • Whitespace
  • WORQ
  • Paper + Toast: My personal choice when close to downtown

3. Kuching


On the island of Borneo, Sarawak, a state in Malaysia, is Kuching. The capital. 

Even though Sarawak’s predominant religion is Christianity, Malaysia is a Muslim nation. English is quite well-known among Kuching locals as the state’s official language.

Malay and Chinese are widely spoken here as well. Most visitors from other nations do not require a visa and are permitted a 90-day stay.

Kuching has a reasonably low living expense for Westerners. Local apartments may be obtained for far less than Airbnb apartments that are usually available for <$700 a month. 

Kuching is renowned for its cleanliness and some of Asia’s cleanest air.

Co-working Spaces

There are inexpensive co-working spaces, dependable internet, and simple transportation rental options.

A lot of digital nomads are now discovering Kuching. Consequently, the city is home to many co-working facilities. The most well-liked co-working locations are:

  • My Placa
  • iCube Innovation
  • 381 Hub.

Check here to find office spaces wherever you are in Malaysia

4. Kota Kinabalu


You need to go no farther than Kota Kinabalu if you’re searching for a peaceful, laid-back spot to stay. 

The city, which has 576,000 citizens, serves as the Sabah state capital of Malaysia in the northern region of Borneo. 

You can expect a wide variety of restaurants, from well-known western brands to Chinese and ethnic restaurants. 

Kota Kinabalu, one of the best towns in Malaysia for digital nomads to live in, is a walking city with good tourist amenities and a booming food and café subculture. 

Important: The average monthly cost of living in this place is $815. You could have a place to live in for about $195 on average per month if you rent an apartment!

Co-working Spaces

A few well-known co-working spaces in Kota Kinabalu, are: 

  • Regus
  • Protege Hub
  • Workify
  • GASpace
  • Opis Co-working Space.

You can also check more working spaces in Kota Kinabalu here and choose what works for you. 

5. Johor Bahru

A strategic border town connecting Malaysia and Singapore is Johor. While Singapore might be expensive, especially with lodging and entertainment, Johor is inexpensive and has excellent weather. 

You may establish a base in Johor and regularly travel to Singapore, thanks to the excellent transit there. 

Because Johor Bahru is an accessible entry point for business people operating in Singapore, it is a popular choice among digital nomads. 

You’ll come for the prices:

  • 58-cent cappuccinos
  • 87-cent pints of beer

However, you’ll stay for the kind residents and beautiful surroundings.

If you like to work in cafés, there are numerous options in Johor Bahru as there are a growing number of locations with WiFi.

Co-working Spaces

Additionally, there are several co-working spaces throughout the city because the digital nomad population here is expanding. The spaces are:

  • Infinity 8
  • DreamSpace Shared Office
  • Regus

6. Langkawi

Worldwide digital nomads travel to Langkawi–another well-liked beach location in Malaysia. 

Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 beautiful islands, is encircled by a clear blue sea and a soft sand coastline. 

If you wish to take some time off from work and enjoy some traveling, Langkawi is a popular tourist destination with various sights and heritage landmarks to see. 

You can rent a car from many places in the city , and getting about is relatively easy then. My suggestion is that you get a motorcycle or scooter. Don’t forget your international drivers license!

In Langkawi, transport and accommodation are both reasonably priced. 

Like the rest of Malaysia, it’s simple to find a modest studio for USD300 per month, and eating locally is fairly affordable.

Co-working Space

The Jetpack Langkawi is the only co-working space for Langkawi that is featured in Coworker. You will have no difficulty finding a café to work in since the island’s cafe scene is flourishing.

7. Malacca

In Malaysia, Malacca is among the most well visited and liked tourist spots. 

Popular attractions such as the marketplace on Jonker Walk, with its assortment of sellers and street entertainers, are worth experiencing. Christ Church or the renowned Maritime Museum are great places to visit during the day too.

Malacca is renowned for the diverse cultural areas that make up the metropolis. For instance, you could appreciate visiting Little India to experience Indian culture. Alternatively, you might see the Portuguese Settlement to learn more about Portuguese culture.

Click on the youtube video link to watch a tour of Little India and the Portuguese Settlement

Co-working Spaces

Malacca-based digital nomads might feel comfortable working at Dreambase Coworking. This premium office co-working facility has a café, a chill-out area, and even complimentary water.

Final Thoughts

Malaysia offers a lot to digital nomads searching for a vibrant, diverse, and exciting place to base themselves while they work. It’s an ideal country for those who enjoy nature and those who find calmness in the chaos.

If you need help with getting a visa for Malaysia, search and see the requirements for other countries as well. 

And, check out this extensive Malaysia backpacking guide before you begin your journey! It’s got everything you need. 

Safe travels!

Common Questions

Yes, Malaysia is a very affordable country, with a many unique tourists offerings, yet has strong wifi and many cafes and coworking areas.

I suggest Kuala Lumpur for a city experience, Penang for a more lay backed life, or Langkawi for island vibes.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions? comment below

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