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BlaBlaCar is the world’s long-distance carpooling app of choice– a worldwide, confided network of 80 million drivers and travelers in 22 nations. The application connects individuals hoping to travel long distances with drivers heading in the same direction, so they can travel together and share the expense. The application is easy to use and understand, and is used a lot in places like Spain. I personally used it to visit Toledo from Madrid, and had no problems. 

1. Where is Blah Blah Car Available?

Currently Blah Blah Car can be used in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom,  Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, Turkey, Mexico, and Brazil

2. How to use it

Fill out your profile: Bla bla Car expects you to give basic details like your name, age, and contact information, a small biography and ‘preferences.’ The preference area is a nice touch as it enables you to connect with potential drivers and get to know their preferences about music, smoking, and  having pets in the vehicle.

Search for a trip: Just like on some other transportation sites, reservations are very simple―you simply enter your starting point or origin and your destination, alongside the date you want to travel, and then you will see many options come up.  You can then filter by time and cost, and choose the driver you want to go with,  

Expert Tip: Clicking on a drivers profile will bring up their reviews and where they can stop on the route towards their final destination.

Choose a trip: Depending on your schedule, you may have dozens of drivers to choose from on a given day. Don’t forget to try and arrive a little early to your destination by choosing a driver who is heading out early, in the event of a flat tire or any other inconveniences.

It is important for you to pay for the trip ahead of time through the website; Credit cards and PayPal are both accepted. Paying through the site allows Bla Car  to keep a record of who you are going with, in the event of an incident.

3. Benefits of using Bla Bla car

Bla Bla Car allows you to save money, time, and is economical. You can rest easy knowing that you did your part to put one less vehicle on the road, and that you don’t have to stress on your way to your destination.


4. My Experience Using Bla Bla Car

I used Bla Bla Car in Spain from Madrid to Cordoba, and found it to be a fun and cost effective way to travel.  As a backpacker, I was able to learn some tips from a local, on my way to my destination. Great conversation, tips and fast travel are just some of the benifits. Be sure to ask any questions before hand, to ensure you can both get along. Some drivers may want a silent car ride, while others may want to chat.

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