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Must-have Spanish Food

Food you must try on your trip to Spain. Don't miss out on unique and declicious Korean Styled Dishes on our foody list!

Food in Spain you have to try

Food is a major part of any trip that is a must for everyone daily. Local food expands your exposure to the local culture and helps you connect with the locals by having a true sense of the place you are visiting. Spanish food is famous for being one of the top cuisines of the world with some traditional dishes dating back to hundreds of years ago. There is a common touch to every Spanish dish but each region has its own specialty, all of which are worth trying. From among the huge list of delicious Spanish dishes, I tried to list down a few most delicious and famous ones so that you can have the essence of true Spanish cuisine and taste.


One of the most delicious dishes in Spain, Paella has its origin from Valencia. You can find a variety of types centering on the main ingredient used but the original one is prepared using rabbit meat. Key ingredients include green beans, butter beans, saffron, olive oil, vegetable, and rice. The meat variety may differ from place to place or restaurant to restaurant but are mainly made from rabbit, chicken, duck, or a variety of seafood like octopus, clams, fish, scampi, prawns, etc.

Tortilla Española

The tortilla is the Spanish form of omelet with key ingredients being the eggs, potatoes, onion, pepper, and salt. There are various types of tortilla you will find throughout the span with a little variety in ingredients but the main essence remains the same. Though the recipe and ingredients are simple, not everyone can make a perfect tortilla. It requires an exact tender and melting texture of potatoes and eggs to be a bit runny in the center. To get the perfect taste, onions and potatoes are slowly fried in olive oil, until tender and then the beaten eggs are added to mix before cooking.

Gambas Al Ajillo 

This tantalizing prawn dish is the best example of Spain’s specialty in creating delicious food while utilizing the simplest of ingredients. The gambas al ajillo are basically fresh prawns cooked in some olive oil and garlic with a touch of chili flakes, giving these prawns a provoking aroma. You cannot resist the smell and have to order them instantly.


This delicious appetizer is the Spanish version of ratatouille, prepared using garlic, onions, tomatoes, courgettes, zucchini, and peppers and fry them slowly in olive oil. This tasty vegetable dish makes a great side dish to the main course. Delicious on its own, the dish is also served with eggs or on chorizo top.


The zesty tomato soup is the specialty of Andalucia in Southern Spain, where people love to have this chilled drink on hot summer days. Every tapas bar has a jug on the counter always filled with a chilled drink. This refreshing drink is made by grinding the ripest and reddest tomatoes, garlic, bread, olive oil, cucumber and peppers into a silky smooth liquid.

Crema Catalana

The creamy dessert is just like the French creme brulee but with a touch of orange , cinnamon flavor, and vanilla, served cold. The crema is very slightly sweet and is very light. At the top is a thin crunchy layer of caramelized sugar that perfectly balances the sweetness of the desert. The cold and creamy dessert is something you will not find anywhere else in the world.


You will find these crunchy fried balls in almost every restaurant and bar in Spain. The delicious balls are made by combining ingredients like bacalao, Jamon, and bechamel sauce in perfect proportion and are then breaded and fried till perfection. Many restaurants add their secret ingredients to make their croquettes unique from others but you can’t go wrong!

Jamón Ibérico

This type of cured ham is special in that it is found only in this region of the world. Jamón Ibérico is made only from black Iberian pigs. Spain being the number one producer of dry-cured ham uses the century-old techniques to make these delicious bites. You will find in many bars these black pigs hanging down like chandeliers.


These crunchy sweet sticks are one of the most popular snacks in Spain. You will find them in almost every cafe, or even from street vendors. The fried cylindrical dough ropes are rolled in sugar and cinnamon and are served usually with warm chocolate to dip. This warm chocolate is more like a hot chocolate fudge which enhances the temptation for this sweet and crunchy doughy treat.


In Spain, you can find a large variety of legumes and beans among which are famous for specific dishes in a region. Many regions around the country have special fabada or bean stews with various recipes but the main ingredient and procedure being the same. It involves slow cooking of the beans with a mixture of some meat types, like black sausage, chorizo pancetta, etc. depending on the region. Usually served in the cold season but you can also find it in various restaurants around the year.

Try to get each of these items during your visit to Spain to have a complete experience of Spanish cuisine. There might be various other dishes that might tempt you during your visit but these are the few you shouldn’t miss out on.

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