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The Real Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The digital nomad lifestyle revolves around traveling and working at interesting locations worldwide, and befriending new people throughout the journey. This lifestyle enables you to become location independent and move between different destinations the entire time while earning a living. Digital nomadism is rapidly becoming one of the famous ways to work and make income due to a number of reasons, including improvement of Internet speed worldwide, increasing acceptance of remote work between businesses and individuals, and appearance of coworking spaces for nomads everywhere.

This trend is also seen as an evolution of backpacking, enabling people to continue traveling in a sustainable manner while working virtually anywhere and enjoying the benefits of this lifestyle. But there is another side of it you don’t usually hear about. Only digital nomads themselves know what this lifestyle is like in reality. In fact, people’s actual experiences when becoming digital nomads differ very much from the expectations. If you are curious about this lifestyle, this post contains all the realities of the digital nomad lifestyle. Read on and learn how it is to become a digital nomad in real.

Not All Digital Nomads Are Rich

We all know that there is no alternative route to success. The journey is equally long and a bit exhausting for digital nomads like others. Adopting a digital nomadic lifestyle and becoming a millionaire does not happen instantly. Similar to any other type of work or lifestyle you go for, your income will be based on the work you do and the way you do it. It is also based on how wise you are when it comes to your savings and insurance decisions. Even digital nomads have to deal with so much more like travel expenses, accommodations, leisure activities, etc., than those who are stationed in one place. Constantly moving to new places mean money continuously coming out of the bank as well.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Is More Than a Phase

Those who don’t understand digital nomadism often think that this lifestyle is just a phase in one’s life. No indeed. This is completely wrong. It is not a long leave from your hectic life, nor it is a gap year after you complete your graduation. This is a lifestyle choice. Digital nomads opt for this lifestyle to spend their lives traveling from one destination to another because they want to get blessed that comes with it. They are also aware of any challenges and troubles and equipped to combat them. The digital nomad lifestyle is simply not an easy choice. There are bumps in the road in the beginning, but once you learn how to manage this lifestyle, you are on your way to success.

Digital Nomads Travel as a Part of Their Lifestyle

Usually, people think that digital nomads are on vacation all year round. This is really amusing. But this can’t be true as they didn’t probably win the lottery and aren’t actually magicians. Possibly, their Instagram accounts have been tricking you into believing that they are on vacation throughout the year. Yes, digital nomads are in different places at all times, but not because it is a vacation, but because that’s their lifestyle. Certainly, their morning photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa as the background can make you feel envy, but you must know that they spend so many hours doing remote work and having coffee to stay awake to finish projects. Though their backdrops differ from others, their weekdays look simply the same as any other person’s. And when it comes to traveling, taking breaks often is an important part of digital nomadism. Some of the top nomads leading this lifestyle believe that taking short breaks every now and then helps them recharge and boost productivity.

Digital Nomads Work as Much as Other Workers

Digital nomads are moving at all times, but there is no reason to think that they work less than those who work in an office. It is a myth that many people believe to be true, but the reality is much different than this. It is important to learn that remote jobs are similar to any other job, and remote workers have to put in the same efforts and work many hours every day. The only exception is that they work remotely and don’t need to travel to a workspace on a daily basis. Like all other people, they need the same discipline and a nice home schedule and routine to grow in their careers. However, there are perks to leading a digital nomad lifestyle. They don’t work all the time, but this luxury comes only when they have worked very hard earlier in their life and proved themselves in their particular field of expertise. This lifestyle is a long journey like any other, but the final outcomes are much better than others.

Digital Nomads Are as Productive as Other Workers

Many people believe that digital nomads are not productive because of the way their lifestyle is. They believe that since nomads travel from one place to another again and again, they are not focused on their work. This is completely false. Yes, it gets really hard to get work immediately when a person arrives at a new place. It certainly takes time to settle and explore the new destination. During their early days, many digital nomads struggle with time management. In the beginning, they spend their time looking around, taking part in different interesting activities, attending various events, and going on a hunt for peaceful coworking spaces and coffee shops. But productivity is as essential for digital nomads as any other working person. While traveling is a major part of their lifestyle, there is certainly no way they can pay for these expenses if they are not productive while working. Productivity is paramount to being successful in their careers to be able to maintain this kind of lifestyle. Usually, digital nomads set to-do lists and work schedules to maintain their productivity. They also use a number of productivity apps and tools which help them maintain a disciplined work life.

Digital Nomads Don’t always Live an Exciting Life

Shifting our focus back to Instagram. Not only do their different, breathtaking backdrops cause excitement, but digital nomads also enjoy a lot while they try out different activities, as you see in the pictures. Every time, they are eating dinner at a new eatery and drinking beer at some of the happening bars in the town. They are skydiving at the beginning of the week while they are snorkeling on a Sunday. Their life is not less than a weekend. Here is another myth, which is going to be busted as this is not true. Of course, they usually enjoy it more than others since they are at new places every time that offer a number of interesting experiences. But this doesn’t indicate that they don’t have any problems to handle. Right from the continuously increasing living cost, medical emergencies, and insurance to managing budgets, forming travel plans, and dealing with professional pressure, digital nomadism, like others, have its negatives too, in addition to the positive side, of course! Yes, digital nomads do have an exciting life, but not at all times. And that’s for all those living in the universe. What would life even be without any challenges?  

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