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What to do in Kuala Lumpur – The Best Two Day Itinerary For Kuala Lumpur

You may be asking, is two days enough to see Kuala Lumpur? You will certainly be on a tight schedule but we can make it happen.

The Best two Day Plan For kuala lumpur

You may be asking, is two days enough to see Kuala Lumpur? You will certainly be on a tight schedule but we can make it happen. Looking for a 2 day Kuala Lumpur itinerary? Follow our guide to maximize your time!

Day 1, starts with our one day itinerary, which includes the following stops.

  1. Batu Caves
  2. Central Market
  3. Chinatown-  Petaling Street
  4. Jamek Mosque/ The National Mosque of Malaysia
  5. Sultan Abdul Samad Building & Merdeka Square
  6. KLCC Park
  7. Petronas Tower
  8. Go to a Rooftop Bar
  9. Jalan Alor: Good Street Food
  10. Party/Massage


Federal Territory Mosque

We continue here with day 2 of our guide below.

Kuala Lumpur has an extensive metro system which is covered by three rail networks. But with such a short time, it may be better if you use Grab Taxi, as it is very inexpensive, or consider buying the Hop Of Hop Off Bus. Today’s itinerary will comprise mostly outdoor areas, so be sure to stay hydrated, bring a sun hat or umbrella for shade.

Places to Visit

The Federal Territory Mosque

We start our day at The Federal Territory Mosque, while it is a little out of the way, I found that it was still worth a stop because of how well the free tour guides do regarding telling you about the mosque and islamic religion. Come with your questions, and listening ears.

Perdana Botanical Gardens

We take a grab taxi next to the Perdana Botanical Gardens. This garden is part of an even larger park, where we will be finding all our stops today. Come early to beat the heat, and enjoy an array of plants and green spaces, with plenty of paths to walk and explore

Small Bird Photo

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park/KL Bird Park

Next we choose from the butterfly park or the bird park, both are good options, but I leave it to you to choose which peaks your interest more. The Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park is the largest of its kind in the world with over 5000 live butterflies and exotic plants. Much like the butterfly park, KL Bird Park has over 3000 birds, what makes this park so amazing, is that in different parts of the park, the birds fly free

National Mosque of Malaysia

With the capacity of over 15,000, you can spot this mosque from far away because of its striking blue color. We see this option on day 1 of our itinerary, but I add it here in case you didn’t choose to go there on day 1.

National Mosque in Malaysia

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Escape the heat and explore the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia which offers thousands of relics on display, as well as jewelry and a scale model of the holy site of Mecca. The inside of the building itself is also very beautiful

KL Tower

If you still have the energy head over to the Kuala Lumpur Tower, for a sky view of the city. You have the option of an observation deck and even a fine dining experience! Make sure to book online, to ensure that you have a spot saved.

Your Route

Map of Kuala Lumpur

Click Here For The Map: Time Estimate is not accurate, you can walk to everything, except the batu caves.


  1. The Federal Territory Mosque
  2. Perdana Botanical Gardens
  3. Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park/KL Bird Park
  4. National Mosque of Malaysia
  5. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
  6. KL Tower

Where to stay

Sunshine Bedz Hostel Common Area
For backpackers, I highly recommend staying at Sunshine Bedz Hostel. It is located centrally downtown, next to the Jalan Alor food street. The owner is very friendly, and you can easily make friends here. For the digital nomad or person who prefers a more upscale accommodation, there are many hotels in the area, and of course always Airbnb.


An Expensive Taxi ride:

If you are taking a taxi its better to book using Grab, or ensure that a meter is being used

Stay Hydrated

If you start to feel light headed, get under some shade and slowly drink water, take it easy.

things to remember

Wear a mask indoors

Wearing a mask indoors is currently still required

Bring an umbrella

During the rainy season, rains start and stop all day.

Common Questions

It is recommended you spend minimum 3 days in the capital of Kuala Lumpur to enjoy all the main tourist spots

There are many options available for transportation in KL. There is a free tourist line, and many metro lines. But if your time is limited I suggest using Grab Taxi, a faster an inexpensive way to travel in Malaysia. 

I recommend SunshineBedz Hostel, the hostel is very central to the famous Jalan Alor Food Street and a bar street.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestions? comment below

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Usefull Apps?

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Food Panda/Grab – Food Delivery

Whatsapp – Communication

Want More Information On Indonesia?

Be sure to check out my nomad travel guide on the Malaysia for even more tips.

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