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Top 9 Instagrammable Places In Havana

This article will guide you through the top Instagrammable places in Havana. Don’t miss out photographing these beautiful spots in Havana.

top 9 Instagrammable places in Havana

Havana, Cuba’s capital city, is a photographer’s dream. Havana brings you to a different world and past, with its colorful buildings, vintage vehicles, and Cuban cigars. Havana has a lot of Instagrammable spots. If you’re seeking for an outstanding city for photography, go no further than Cuba’s capital!

As you plan your trip, keep these Instagrammable Havana places in mind, and tag us we would love to see your beautiful pictures of cuba.

1. El Capitolio

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The Capitolio is a famous structure in Havana and throughout Cuba. This is one of Havana’s most popular Instagram photo locations. Many photographs of the buildings can be found on Instagram. The buildings in this area are pink, blue, and yellow. As a result, it will add a lot of colour to your feed, which is fantastic! It’s ideal if you like bright spots.

One of the best places in havana; Standing in front of just one of the buildings will also make for a beautiful photo. If you want to make your shot stand out, match your dress (or car) to one of the buildings!El Apitolio is undeniably Cuba’s most famous landmark and one among the most beautiful spots to see in Havana. 

Location: 66 Cienfuegos, La Habana 10200, Cuba

Opening hours: Daily 9 AM to 4 PM 

2. Cathedral Square

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Havana Cathedral is yet another Instagrammable attraction in Havana. The cathedral can be found in Plaza de la Catedral, one of the principal squares in Old Havana.The cathedral is beautiful and has a fascinating history. The church has been in existence since 1777. So it’s quite old.The church’s frontage is stunning. 

The architecture is in the Baroque style, and there are many beautiful ornaments. What’s even better is that the structure is highly symmetrical. This improves the appearance of your images. This is especially true if you stand in the centre and make sure the building is in the centre of your photograph.

Location: 4JRX+89R, La Habana, Cuba

Opening hours: Daily 24 hours 

3. La Guarida

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La Guarida is one of Havana’s greatest restaurants. Not only is it an Instagram-worthy location, but it also serves superb meals and has a rooftop bar with mouth-watering drinks. The restaurant is housed in an early twentieth-century structure. Additionally, numerous celebrities have dined at this establishment.

Location: 418 Concordia, La Habana, Cuba

Opening hours: Daily 12 to 4 PM , 6 to 11:45 PM 

4. Museum of the Revolution

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Another beautiful place to visit in Havana is the Museum of the Revolution, which is one of the town’s most popular landmarks. It is situated within а extremely impressive раlасе.The view from the Balcony is one of the most beautiful sights – it’s an excellent spot for most liked Instagram images. 

Location: 4JRV+M87, Av. Bélgica, La Habana 10600, Cuba

5. Streets of Old Havana

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Do you have no idea what to do in Havana? Spend an entire afternoon wandering through its vibrant streets. What are the best photo picks? San Miguel Street is full of old ubаn hоuses, and San Ignасiо Street is full of murals, so you may find unlimited insрirаtiоn here as well.

Wear comfortable shoes and bring water if you plan to explore the backstreets of Old Havana. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

6. Gran Teatro de la Habana

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Gran Teatro de La Habana is an excellent Instagram photo location in Havana. This is a stunningly beautiful theatre. There is a lot of white stone in this place, which makes it quite unique. Our favourite vantage point from the outside is the walkway in front of the theatre. Especially at sunset, when the theatre lights up.

Location: 58 P.º de Martí, La Habana 10600, Cuba

Opening hours: Mon , Fri , Sat 8:30 AM to 10 PM / Tues,Weds,Thurs Closed/Sun 24 hours

7. Malecon

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Mаleсоn is one of the amazing party venues to visit in Havana Cuba, where all the young people gather on Friday and Saturday nights. During the day, Mаlecоn is generally calm, making it ideal for wandering around and taking photographs. 

8. Revolution Plaza

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If you’re wondering where to go in Havana, another Instagrammable аnd reаlly meаningful рlасе in Hаvаnа is the Revоlutiоn Squаre – Plаzа de Revоluсiоn, where your Hаvаnа classic tоur will take you. You can observe the роrtrаits of Guеvаrа and Fidel аstrо in Revоlutiоn Squаre.You can select to incorporate the Cuban flag in the shot to make it even more Cuban. The result may be seen in the photo above.

9. Pool of Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana

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Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana is located in Old Havana. This is one of the city’s most gorgeous hotels. The hotel has a pool on the roof. Taking photographs here is unquestionably wonderful! That’s because the pool is stunning, and the view is spectacular as well. Spending time here is not only great for photography, but also a lot of fun. You can have a cocktail while admiring the breathtaking scenery. However, you can also go swimming! And that is unquestionably a fantastic activity in Havana’s historic centre.

Final Thoughts

The most pleasant season to visit Cuba is from November to April, with March to mid-April being the most favourable months: mild and sunny without the humidity or storms of summer. Prices may be slightly lower in January and February, when temperatures dip at night but the sun shines.

Common Questions About Places In Havana

Havana is filled with Instagrammable spots! Some popular ones include the colorful buildings along Callejón de Hamel, the iconic Malecón waterfront, the vibrant street art in Fusterlandia, the vintage cars in Old Havana, the stunning architecture of Hotel Nacional, and the charming Plaza de la Catedral.

Absolutely! For stunning views of the city, you can visit La Guarida, a famous paladar located in a crumbling mansion. Another great option is the rooftop bar at Hotel Inglaterra, which overlooks Parque Central. If you prefer a more casual atmosphere, El del Frente offers a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of Havana’s rooftops.

Yes, there are! One lesser-known spot is the El Capitolio viewpoint, where you can capture a unique angle of Havana’s iconic capitol building. Another hidden gem is the Mirador de la Cabaña, a fortress located across the bay, which offers fantastic views of Havana at sunset. Just outside the city, you can also visit the colorful fishing village of Cojimar for some picturesque shots.
Explore neighborhoods like Centro Habana and Vedado. Wander through the local markets, capture the energy of the bustling streets, and interact with the friendly locals. Use colorful backdrops, vintage cars, and unique architecture to add character to your photos. Don’t be afraid to engage with the locals and include them in your shots to truly capture the vibrant spirit of Havana.
Cuban people are generally friendly and open to being photographed. However, it is polite to ask for permission before taking someone’s photo, especially if you want to capture a close-up or engage in a portrait session. Always be respectful of people’s privacy and cultural sensitivities. Also, note that certain places, such as government buildings or military areas, may have restrictions on photography, so it’s best to inquire beforehand.
Experiment with different angles, use natural light to your advantage, and play with colors and compositions. Consider shooting during golden hour for captivating lighting. Additionally, try telling a story through your photos, capturing the essence of the local culture and lifestyle. Adding a touch of creativity and authenticity to your shots will help them stand out.

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