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Pai 1 Day Itinerary

Discover Pai, Thailand: Perfect for backpackers and nature lovers, Pai offers stunning waterfalls, hot springs, night market and beautiful mountain views.

Pai 1 Day Itinerary

As a nomad you may have the luxury to work anywhere but you still have to work. Understanding that, I suggest that you take one of two tours for your free day. These tours include transportation, but not any of the entrance fees, so bring some cash. You can book by following the links I provide, or by asking your hotel, or walking down the main walking street and finding a local tour operator. There are two main operators that I know about Aya Service and Mychiangmaitour Alternatively if you want to have more control of your day and rent a scooter, read my other blog post, Pai 1 Day Itinerary For A Backpacker.

Option 1: Pai Half Day Tour

Get an early start, eat some breakfast and get ready for your 10 am pickup, you will be back between 6 and 7pm in the evening.

Half Day Tour

  • Pickup at hotel or guesthouse
  • White Buddha on the hill
  • Yun-la iViewpoint
  • Chinese village
  • I love you Pai
  • Land Split
  • Pem Bok Waterfall
  • Bamboo Bridge ” Kho Ko So”
  • Pai Canyon (SunSet)

Bring your gopro or drone, if you have it, as there are many beautiful spots, you can film. There are no restrictions so far for using the drone in these areas, except for maybe the waterfall, but double check local restrictions as this can change.

After you complete your tour, go rest or grab a massage. Then make your way to the night market and enjoy a selection of food and desserts. If you still have energy there are a few popular bars that you can visit.

Tips: Coming Soon

Option 2. Pai Full Day Tour

Full Day Tour Overview of each location White Buddha on the hill

A large, white statue of the seated Buddha, surrounded by a peaceful garden and pond. Visitors can take photos with the statue and offer food and flowers to the Buddha as a sign of respect. The White Buddha is also a popular spot for meditation and spiritual practices.

Yun-lai Viewpoint

A really nice viewpoint of the city, buy souvenirs, take some photos, or ride the man powered carousel. The photo above for context.

Chinese village (Santichon Village)

This village is known for its unique blend of Chinese and Thai culture, as well as its stunning natural surroundings. Visitors to Santichon Village can experience traditional Chinese architecture and customs, such as the art of paper cutting and Chinese tea culture. The village is also home to several small farms and markets, where visitors can purchase locally grown produce and other products.

I love you Pai

The cafe boasts a cozy atmosphere and serves a variety of delicious food and drinks, including their famous avocado smoothie bowls. The staff at I Love You Pai are friendly and welcoming, making it a great spot to relax and unwind during a trip to Pai.

Land Split

On the way to Pam Bok Waterfall, this tourist spot was caused by earthquakes and some soil erosion.  Enjoy an orchard, as you walk to the split, and enjoy the fresh jams, fruit and wine they sell.

Pem Bok Waterfall

Less touristy than some of the other waterfalls, and has some shade. Come check out the lesser known  waterfall behind this main one, by following a path up the mountain.

Bamboo Bridge ” Kho Ko So”

Be impressed by the strength and length of this bamboo bridge. There are a few cafes and places to grab a snack.  A great spot for a digital nomad to do some work, bring a wifi hotspot, as I am not sure about the wifi strength of the  cafes. Come during the wet season, to enjoy green rice fields. Follow the bridge all the way down, to discover a  Buddhist monastery.

Pai Canyon (SunSet)

Called the grand canyon of thailand, it’s not as grand as its comparison, but its still a beautiful spot to go watch the sunset. Just a short drive from the main town, there are plenty of food stalls, to enjoy sunset and a quick dinner here. The initial hike isnt too bad,but bring a small towel to sit on, as this place fills up in the evening. Come early to secure a spot, or just for a hike.

Secret crystal Hot spring (Sai Ngam Hot Spring)

A lesser known spring that has different levels of cascading pools. Come here to soak for a few hours. There are changing rooms, toilets and food available here.

Lod cave

Tham Lod Cave is a popular attraction in Pai Thailand, known for its stunning stalactites and stalagmites. Visitors can explore the cave by boat, and there are also several smaller caves within the complex. The cave is also home to a variety of wildlife, including bats, fish, and birds.

Kiew Lom Viewpoint

Lookout point with 360-degree views over mountains & valleys, plus stalls for snacks & souvenirs.

Option 3. Rent a motorcyle and self tour.

Getting around Pai

The initial point to note about Pai is that if you are adept at riding a scooter or motorbike, it is highly recommended to rent one for the day. This is the most effective way to explore and witness the attractions in and around Pai.

Renting a scooter in Pai typically amounts to approximately $5 per day. Alternatively, for those who are not comfortable riding a scooter or motorbike, an alternative option is to visit a tour company in Pai. There, you can arrange either a half-day or a full-day trip to explore and experience the sights in the Pai region.

What to eat in Pai

Pai’s menu is “wide-ranging,” featuring “flavorful dishes and lively curries.” As of 2021, Pai’s standout dish is the pad thai, while other favorites among diners include the khao soi and pad gra prow.

What to Do In Pai and Around

After enjoying a satisfying meal and a morning coffee or tea to kickstart your day, venture out to explore the surroundings. The top activities in Pai often begin with a leisurely stroll through the nearby countryside. With its close proximity to nature, hiking in Pai is a breeze – just a 10-minute walk from town transports you to the tranquil countryside.


So how to spend one day in pai?

No matter what route you choose, make sure to check out Pai Walking Street, at the end of your day, where you can find some amazing street food in town. I suggest staying at Mad Monkey, if you are looking for a social hostel.  Looking for more? Consider going to Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai! Plan out your Thailand adventure, with my digital nomad Thailand travel guide.

Common Questions

2 -3 Days is reccomended in Pai, to be able to see all of the local attractions, and cafe hop.

Pai is an up and coming digital nomad and travel hotspot, worth visiting throughout the year.

Pai is great if you want to slow down, work and explore some nature. Chiang Mai, has more attractions and people.

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