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10 Signs you Should be a digital nomad

Discover the signs that mean you're meant to be a digital nomad. Explore the possibilities of remote work and travel with Just In Travel.

Signs You Should Be A Digital Nomad

Do you want to explore the world while working anytime and anywhere? This year’s “digital nomad” has been a trend because it offers flexibility and freedom while exploring different cultures and traditions in every country while working remotely.

However, only some people are suitable for this lifestyle, and it takes courage and a unique skill set. But is it the proper lifestyle for you? Here are the ten signs that you are suitable for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle. 

1. You have a Strong Aversion to Norms

We all tend to think that we can only work in the office; this lifestyle is not for those who are content with their traditional 9–5 office job and have a predictable routine. 

Digital nomads must be willing to break from the norm and embrace a unique way of living and working. It requires you to get out of your comfort zone and be willing to take risks. By rejecting the norm and embracing an adventurous, not ordinary, lifestyle, you will experience growth and progress toward your journey.

2. You Believe That You Can do More

Life is short if you believe you can do more instead of being stuck in your cubicle from 9 am to 5 pm every day. It can be helpful to switch things up to avoid feeling like your life is passing you by in a blur of monotonous routine. For those interested in new adventures while earning income remotely, this can be a sign that you should be a digital nomad. 

3. You are Flexible

If you need help with the uncertainties of life and unexpected situations and dislike unpredictability, the digital nomad life may not be a good fit for you. But if you love to embrace changes and uncertainties and endure them, then it can be a sign for you to be a digital nomad. 

4. You are Great at Time Management

Time management is crucial in the digital nomad lifestyle, and you must possess this skill if you want to be a digital nomad. You should balance leisure and work effectively. Even without the pressure of anybody, it takes a lot of effort to build this skill, but if you already have it and master it, this can be a sign that you are a digital nomad. Remember that this lifestyle is not an escape from your corporate job.

5. You’re Eager to Learn More

Learning continues if you want to be a digital nomad. As a digital nomad, you will always face challenges and problems that will require you to think creatively about how to solve them. If you are a person who is always willing to learn, this will help you. 

To do well in this field, you need to be interested in learning and willing to try new things. If you are a continuous learner and want to get out of your comfort zone, this can sign you up as a digital nomad. 

6. You Are Independent

Being a digital nomad, you must be prepared to spend days, weeks, months, or even years alone without feeling lonely. Because sometimes it’s hard to find and network with others, especially if you are new to the place. Embracing solitude can be an opportunity for your personal growth and reflection. If you are independent, this can be a sign that you will become a digital nomad. 

7. You’re Financially Literate and Able

Managing your money is crucial in this career path because you are responsible for managing your income and expenses while living independently. It’s essential to have a good understanding of personal finance and other financial topics like investment, budgeting, basic accounting, and many more. If you are a person who can manage your finances like a pro, it can be a sign for you to jump on the Digital Nomad Lifestyle. 

8. You are a People Person

It is crucial to be a people person if you are a digital nomad because, despite the flexibility that comes with your lifestyle, it can sometimes be isolating. That’s why if you are good at building relationships from scratch, you will indeed have a great network of people across the globe that can help you grow as you progress on this journey. If you are a people person, this could be a sign that you should be a digital nomad. 

9. You already have a source of income remotely

Please don’t quit your corporate job because you are hyped about what you saw on Instagram and Facebook. The digital nomad journey requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. Don’t quit your corporate life if you don’t have remote work yet; any remote work will do, whether it’s for a big client, a full-time job, or a sustainable income-generating blog. If you have sustainable remote work already, it’s a sign for you to become a digital nomad. 

10. You need to be an Action Taker

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big; you need two abilities on this journey: the ability to dream big and the willingness to accomplish and take action for that dream to come true. A successful digital nomad has a clear plan and vision of what they want to achieve, plans how to achieve it, and turns that dream into reality. If you are an action-taker, that can be a sign that you can be a digital nomad. 


You won’t know till you try! But if this sounds like you, this is your sign.

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