Travel Couple

Travelling With Your Partner

Many dream of travelling with their partner, let's see how this nomadic couple makes it work.

Q&A: Travelling Couple

I had the pleasure of being able to ask Evi, about her experience travelling with her partner, and tips that could help other couples succesfully travel together, without killing each other.

Travel Couple

1. Did you both have the same travel styles? How did you find balance when you each wanted different things?

Well let’s be honest here. Although we are very similar to each other , you can never find someone who is same as you. We mostly have same preferences but many different reactions to the same things. For example , one of us (Evi) gets tired more easily than George , needs more breaks and is slower at hiking. The key is to compromise but without losing yourself. George likes the adventures in the nature more , Evi likes more theatres , shows and activities that do not need a good physical condition. We balance the situations by compromising both of us. We respect each other’s needs and doing the best we can to
also enjoy the activities that the other one prefers.

2. How do you balance each other’s emotional needs when
always on the move ?

For starters , we are the kind of slow travelers. We don’t move constantly from one place to another , so that we can have a minimum stability. Also , our common base and safe space is the one for the other. Of course there are times that we miss our families or someone is more stressed and tired . When this
happens , the other one understands and does his best to encourage and support the other one , takes the job on his back for the other to rest , arranges a family meeting etc. We are always trying for our relationship and this is making a difference .

3. What has been the hardest thing when travelling with a
partner? What is the most rewarding?

I think that the hardest thing is in the beginning . It is when you have to compromise for the first times , when you have to accept that there are times with nothing to say and when you have to deal with the first actual problems . Being with the other one 23/7 and moving is really hard until you reach the point that just being with the other one is your source of happiness. Of course , not every relationship is meant to last forever and travelling is the best way to find out if you are matching with your partner. The most rewarding thing is the memories you make. They are really special because you are together , they aren’t just memories from the other side of the world. Also , travelling with a partner means that you feel more safe , you always have a company and someone to help you with everything . It is challenging but we wouldn’t change it for the world!

4. What would you tell other nomads to look for when finding
a partner?

Well , things that matter in nomadic life are things that matter in general. Do not focus on physical appearance. Of course , you need to like each other to try being with them but the quality of their character is the thing that will keep you together. You don’t have to be the same with your partner , differences make the relationship mor interesting and spicy. Especially , if you are searching for someone to follow you anywhere in the world , you need to be able to trust them . This is very important to have it before you start travelling with them.

5. Any other secrets you need to tell us?

Every relationship is unique and there are no rules who apply for everyone . Although , we believe that the most important thing to have a healthy relationship is to love yourself. If you value yourself enough then you will know when the other half comes and do not lose time in shitty relationships . Also , you can’t expect your partner to be perfect when you make no effort. Both of the partners need to try everyday , every hour for the relationship they have , show their love and affection , make each other happy. The most difficult thing to do when travelling and working and moving all the time is to not neglect your relationship . Don’t take your partner for granted , find time for each other and set aside anything else for some hours every day . This is our biggest secret and it
doesn’t fail ! 

Final Thoughts

Evi & George, seem to be doing really well in their relationships and adventures. If you are interested in learning more and following their travels check their site

common questions about TRAVELLING WITH YOUR PARTNER

Communication is key. Take the time to discuss your travel preferences, interests, and expectations beforehand. Plan activities that you both will enjoy and be open to compromise.

 Look for accommodations that offer privacy, such as hotels with separate bedrooms or private villas. It’s also important to consider proximity to attractions, amenities, and budget.

When conflicts arise, it’s essential to stay calm and communicate openly. Take turns expressing your perspectives and find compromises that work for both of you. Remember, the goal is to enjoy your trip and create lasting memories.

Yes, creating a travel budget together is crucial. Discuss what expenses are important to each of you and determine a reasonable budget that you’re both comfortable with. This will help avoid financial stress during your trip.

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