The Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Yangon

This article will take you through the top 10 tourists spots in Yangon. Don's miss these famous places in Myanmar.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Yangon

Anyone traveling to Myanmar should make a stop in Yangon. In this blog, we will embark on a virtual journey to explore the best things to do in Yangon, revealing the famous places that have enthralled visitors for generations. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer magnificence of Myanmar’s Yangon city. From the iconic Shwedagon Pagoda to the lesser-known yet equally mesmerizing attractions, we’ll paint a vivid picture of Myanmar Yangon tourism.

With our guide, you’ll uncover the highlights of Yangon and understand why it has become one of the top destinations in Myanmar for travelers around the globe.

1. Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda
A must-see attraction is the Shwedagon Pagoda. Be amazed when you see this 2,500-year-old Buddhist wonder of the world, which serves as Myanmar’s national emblem. The temple sustained numerous damages over the years, but each time it was rebuilt bigger and stronger. The most sacred location in all of Myanmar is this temple, according to the beliefs of the Burmese people, who think it contains relics of the four previous Buddhas.

2. Kandawgyi Lake

One of Yangon’s best-known locations is Kandawgyi Lake. Its boardwalk offers tranquil vistas and a contemplative look at the magnificent Karaweik Palace. There are several other cafes and bars close to this floating royal restaurant, some of which are quite close to the water’s edge (currently closed). Take advantage of the chance to enjoy a picnic by the water. There used to be a small park entrance fee of less than $1, but that is no longer the case. Open from 4 a.m. until 10 p.m., the tranquil lake is a great place to unwind.

3. Nagar Glass Factory

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A hidden treasure trove of exquisite hand-crafted glassware can be found at the not-so-abandoned Nagar Glass Factory in Yangon. There are still remnants of the site’s former glory, which was largely destroyed in 2008 when Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar. Visitors are welcome to walk up and down paths that are lined with vibrant glassy formations of all different sizes, thanks to the current family of guardians of the glass factory. Every one of the one-of-a-kind pieces is for sale, and if a glass object is accidentally soiled or incomplete, Nagar’s groundskeepers will clean and polish it.

4. Yangon From above

Yangon’s rooftop bar, situated at the top of Sakura Tower, has some of the best panoramic views of the city. Sky Bistro, just below on the 20th floor, offers some of those same stunning views of Yangon in a restaurant setting. Both foreigners and locals from Yangon frequent both locations. Take a moment to enjoy a cocktail at either of these locations.

5. 19th Street and Chinatown

Customers can experience markets, street food, and Yangon’s nightlife all in one location on 19th Street. The Chinatown neighborhood of Yangon is home to this bustling street that is lined with a variety of restaurants, dive bars, and market stalls. Barbecue is the way to go here. Hit up one of the most famous places in Yangon, the Kosan Cafe, for a cheap night of drinking and fusion food, or grab some brews with views of all the action at any number of 19th Street’s beer stations.

6. Yangon’s Downtown Architecture

Walking through downtown Yangon will allow you to see some incredible colonial structures as well as religious buildings that are both in good and bad condition. Don’t forget to allow time to get lost on some lesser-known side streets. To get a true sense of Myanmar’s giving culture, look for lines of monks and chanting nuns meandering through neighborhoods in the early morning.

7. Sule Pagoda

This temple is much smaller than Shwedagon Pagoda, but it’s still worth a visit! There are no foreigners there, so you can actually see local people praying and spending time in a pagoda. This is a great first stop, as it is near popular hotels and hostels.

8. People’s Park

One of the largest and best-kept parks in the city, People’s Park features lovely flower gardens, fountains, ponds, and walkways. Picnic areas with plenty of shade are great, or you can eat at one of the park’s many eateries or cafes. The Yangon Gallery, an amusement park, event venues, and Myanmar Culture Valley are also close by. The oddest attraction, though, might be the swinging bridge next to the Ahlone Road entrance that dangles precariously over the grass between three trees.

9. Night market at Maha Bandula Road

The primary route that leads to the Sule Pagoda is Maha Bandula. It is constantly crowded, noisy, and full of different smells. Maha Bandula should be visited after dark if you enjoy the nightlife. You can savor regional cuisine, Myanmar Beer—the national beer of Burma—traditional drinks, and even fried insects!

10. Yangon Zoo

A zoo more than 100 years old is sure to thrill adrenaline seekers. Be prepared for the not so safe exhibition of animals, old cages, and a lack of safety barriers. You can get close to touching almost every animal, though this is not advised.


You can easily spend a week in Yangon and not see all that it has to offer. Take at least 3 days here if you are limited on time.

Common Questions About attraction in yangon

Some popular attractions in Yangon include the Shwedagon Pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Sule Pagoda, Yangon Circular Train, Kandawgyi Lake, and the National Museum.

The entrance fee for the Shwedagon Pagoda is 10,000 Kyats (approximately $7 USD) for foreign visitors.

Bogyoke Aung San Market is a major tourist attraction in Yangon where you can find a wide range of products including jewelry, textiles, art, handicrafts, and local food. It is a great place for shopping and experiencing the local culture.

Visiting the National Museum in Yangon usually takes around 2-3 hours, but it can vary depending on your interest and pace.

You can visit the attractions in Yangon on your own as they are easily accessible and well-marked. However, if you prefer to have more information and insights, hiring a local guide can enhance your experience.

Yes, there are a few free attractions in Yangon such as Botataung Pagoda, Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, and the Yangon Waterfront. These places offer unique experiences without any entrance fees.

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