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Top 10 Instagrammable Places In Cavite, Phillipinnes

This article will guide you through the top Instagrammable places in Cavite, Phillipines. Don’t miss out photograping these beautiful places to visit in Cavite.

Top 10 Instagrammable Spots in Cavite

The city of Trece Martires is in the middle of Cavite. Because of its growing economy, people from other cities, especially Metro Manila, have moved there. The city is known for its tourist features, which include beautiful waterfalls, a golf course, nice resorts, and a holy church. Agriculture is no longer the city’s main source of income because of industrialization and commercialism. 

There are more businesses opening up, and most of them follow trends like opening restaurants or coffee shops with a certain look. Here are some places where you can hang out and take photos that would look good on Instagram let’s dig dive into the top 10 Instagrammable Spots in Cavite

1. Coffee Project

Coffee Project

The Coffee Project is the Philippines’ most Instagrammable coffee shop.  It is also one of Cavite’s favorite places to hang out. The Coffee Project serves more than just coffee and hot chocolate. Perfect break after visits to tourist spots in Cavite province Customers can enjoy cakes, pasta, rice meals, and snacks, among other things. All of the food and drinks, like espresso drinks and tasty meals, are of top quality. Therefore, at Coffee Project, you can delight in a delicious and fragrant cup of coffee as well as the charming yet sophisticated decor. Enjoy one of the Instagrammable places in Cavite.

Location: Coffee Project Tanza, Vista Mall Tanza Brgy., Tanza, 4108 Cavite (Around 26 minutes from Lumina Tanza)

Opening hours: Sun to Thurs, 7 AM to 11 PM; Fri and Sat, 7 AM to 12 AM

2. Camella Trece

Camella Trece

Camella Trece in Brgy. Cabuco is another place in Trece Martires that is good for Instagram. This community is based on the Mediterranean, and it has a lot of green space, nice-looking houses and lots, and services that its residents can use. Aside from having features that look good on Instagram, Camella Trece is also in a good spot near important places. If you’re looking for a house and lot that would look good on Instagram in a good area with amenities and 24/7 security, this is it. In that case, Camella Trece is the best new housing building in the city of the thirteen martyrs.

Location: Brgy. Cabuco Along, Governor’s Dr. Trece Martires, 4109 Cavite, Philippines

Opening hours: 9 AM to 6 PM Daily

3. Trece Martires City Public Market

Trece Martires City Public Market

The colorful Trece Martires City Public Market sells food, souvenirs, and other items. It will also brighten up your feed. Take photos of the vibrant colors and the many food and souvenir options. This public market sells fresh produce, dried seafood, and meat. You may find inexpensive local handicrafts. These were the most Instagrammable spots in Trece Martires, and you can find here the most instagrammable restaurants in cavite. These cafes and restaurants are sure to liven up your feed.

Location: 7VM9+346, Trece Martires, Cavite, Philippines

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday closed

4. Bread and Basket

Bread And Basket

Check out Bread and Basket Cavite’s new Instagrammable cafés and restaurants at Vista Mall Dasmarias, Along Aguinaldo Highway, San Agustin II, Dasmarias City, Cavite, are great if you want something sweet and indulgent to eat. Treat yourself to some of their freshly baked sweets, coffee, or tea. They offer a wide variety of tasty dishes like pasta, pizza, and burgers. Add this to your Instagram and tag it as one of the instagrammable places in bacoor, cavite.  The atmosphere is cozy and warm, making it a great place to spend time with family and friends.

Location:  Vista Mall North, Molino Rd, Bacoor, 4102 Cavite, Philippines

Opening hours: 10 AM to 9 PM Daily

5. Balite Falls

Balite Falls

The Balite Falls resort is in the village of Amadeo. It is a simple but clean and pleasant place to rest and enjoy nature, and it is considered one of the most beautiful places in cavite. The water in the stream and the waterfalls is mostly clean. You can also enjoy a peaceful lunch or a quiet weekend away from the lush plants that surround it.

Many coffee shops get their beans from this town, which is known for its great coffee. The stream that runs through the lodge falls into a small, shallow pool and then into a larger, deeper pool at a lower level. There are two waterfalls that are the resort’s main attraction.

Location: Balite Rd., Amadeo, Cavite (Around 45 minutes from Lumina Tanza)

Opening hours: 24 hours

6. Monstera Café

Monstera Café

Are you looking for instagrammable places in silang, cavite? And an instagrammable cafe in silang, cavite?  You can never go wrong with anything at Monstera Café, from its drinks to its pastries and main courses. Monstera Café is a coffee shop and diner run by local artists. It is in the town of Silang, in the province of Cavite. Inside, it will make you feel like you’re in a forest. You feel like you’re in a fresh place because there are plants all around. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, they have jazz and acoustic nights. It’s also a café where pets are welcome. When you bring your pet, you get a free coffee, and your pet gets a free puppuccino so that they can also enjoy the beautiful places in silang cavite.

Location: 3994 F Purok 4, Brgy, Malaking Tatiao, Silang, Cavite, Philippines

Opening hours: Mon to Sat 11 AM to 10 PM , Sun 10 AM to 10 PM

7. Kadiwa Park

Kadiwa Park

Dasmarinas City’s 12 km Kadiwa Park is in Cavite. A small, calm park with artificially beautiful birds, waterfalls, and animals in various colors illuminated with spotlights is free to enter and enjoy. Jurassic Park Congressional Road in Dasmarinas hosts Kadiwa Park. Its genuine animal, bird, and reptile sculptures and animatronics make it look big. 


This is a great place for solo and group picnics among nature’s rocks and wildlife.  You can take better selfies in the afternoon and evening, so bring your camera. Include this for distinctive Instagram images.

Location: Congressional Road, Dasmarias (Around 59 minutes from Lumina Tanza)

Opening hours: 24 hours

8. St. Mary Magdalene Church

St. Mary Magdalene Church

The stunning and historic Kawit Church may be found just a few minutes’ walk away from the Aguinaldo Shrine. In the Philippine province of Cavite, the municipality of Kawit is home to the St. Mary Magdalene Church, which serves as the town church. It is believed to be one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, and the first structure of this church was constructed in 1638 out of wood. 

Location: CWW3+294, Tanggulan St, Kawit, 4104 Cavite, Philippines

Opening hours: 24 hours

9. Hundred Steps Place

Hundred Steps Place

This beach resort is just a few hours from Metro Manila and has a beautiful site where the mountain meets the ocean.  This beach resort has a clean beach on the water that you can get to for free. They also have a variety of places to stay, like cabins, that are sure to meet the needs of your family. The parking is close to the resort, and there are many things for people to do there.

Fishing, feeding the fish, and swimming are some of the things you can do here while taking pictures. Just make sure to bring your own stuff, as there is a corkage fee for their kayak and tent.

Location: Along Ternate – Nasugbu Road, Sitio Quarry, Ternate Cavite (Around 25 minutes from Lumina Tanza)

Opening hours: 24 hours

10. Café 27

Cafe 27

Want to go somewhere away from the city? You can enjoy your coffee in peace in a beautiful yard with wooden tables here in one of the most instagrammable cafe in cavite. The place isn’t too busy, and there are enough wooden tables for you and your friends to sit at. They are also easy on the budget. Everything on the menu costs less than P300. There are rice dishes like tapsilog and hot plates. Café 27 also has pasta bowls for those who like pasta. There is hot and cold coffee, milk tea, and frappes at the café. If you have a sweet tooth, you can choose from cakes like chocolate and caramel at the café. Enjoy your night at the instagrammable restaurants in silang, cavite.

Location: Brgy. Tibig Rd., Silang, Cavite, Philippines

Opening hours: Tues to Fri 10 AM to 9 p.m.; Sat and Sun 8 AM to 9 p.m.; closed on Mondays

Final Thoughts

Cavite has many historical places, nice beaches and coves, hotels and resorts, mountains, waterfalls, and so much more! It is south of Metro Manila and only a few hours by car from the capital of the Philippines, making it a great place for a quick trip or weekend break.


Tagaytay City in Cavite province is a popular tourist destination known for its cool climate, scenic views, and attractions. Perched on a ridge above Taal Lake, visitors can enjoy breathtaking vistas of the lake and Taal Volcano from various vantage points in the city.
Cavite is celebrated for its rich history and connection to national heroes like Emilio Aguinaldo, the first Philippine president (though disputed by some historians). It played a crucial role in the Philippine Revolution as one of the key provinces involved, witnessing pivotal events during the rebellion.

Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite offers a beautiful waterfall surrounded by lush greenery, creating a serene ambiance that is perfect for Instagram photos.

Yes, photography is allowed inside Museo de La Salle. It is a great place to capture the beauty of art and history.

Tagaytay Highlands provides several Instagrammable spots such as the iconic log cabin, the scenic view from the top of the mountains, and the charming European-style structures.

Twin Lakes is located in Tagaytay, Cavite. You can easily reach it by private car or by taking a bus or van from Manila to Tagaytay. Once in Tagaytay, you can hire a tricycle or use a navigation app for directions to Twin Lakes.

Cavite is notable for being the hometown of Filipino national leaders, such as former President Emilio Aguinaldo. The province is also home to a plethora of picturesque attractions, not simply historical sites.

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