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Where to Party in Kathmandu, Nightlife in Kathmandu

Discover the best of Kathmandu nightlife, from cocktail bars, dance clubs and live music venues, ensuring an unforgettable evening in this digital nomad hub in Nepal.

Where to Party Kathmandu, Nightlife in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, is famous as both a historical site and a bustling city. The city’s nightlife has been on the rise as urbanization has increased in recent years. The popular district of Thamel is home to numerous high-end bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues. From dusk to dawn, locals and visitors alike can choose from an abundance of exciting nighttime activities.  For a long time, nightclubs have been the go-to destination for socializing, dancing, and listening to music. A great place to meet people, socialize, and have fun. You will find most of the nepal nightlife in Thamel.

Things to remember for visiting a Nightclub in Kathmandu 

  • Dress well for the Kathmandu nightclub. Most nightclubs have strict security and don’t let ragged individuals in.
  • They also refuse people who are drunk. Before entering the nightclub, be drunk.
  • Groups should book early. Nightclubs are usually full and do not accept extra guests. The nightclub fills quickly sometimes. So, it’s better to be an early bird than a sad bird.
  • If you fight or cause an argument in the nightclub, you will be removed. People go to nightclubs in Kathmandu to have fun and laugh. If someone tries to ruin the mood, they are kicked out right away.

Here are some suggestions for the best places to go in Kathmandu to get you ready.

1. Lord of the drinks

Lord of the drinks

The Kathmandu crowd loves Lord of Drinks, one of the most popular dance bars in kathmandu. LOD is Nepal’s biggest and greatest nightclub, attracting largely rich locals and a few tourists. LOD is a terrific club for families. This club is well-built, has great lighting and sound, an amazing atmosphere, and drinks and food from around the world. The space is quite big (it can hold up to 1,000 people), with a square bar in the middle and raised VIP areas on all sides. You can spend your nightlife in nepal here.

Some of the best DJs in town can be found at LOD making people move to their great music. This place is popular with both young people and older people.LOD accepts credit cards and cashless payments for reservations. They may charge NRs. 1000 for entrance and provide overnight parking.

Location: Bhagwatisthan 44600, Nepal

Opening hours: 5 PM to 5 AM Daily 

Entrance Fees: Ns. 1000 – 2,500 and a beer will cost a whopping Ns. 800-1,000 (USD 7-9).

2. Club Dejavu

Club Dejavu

If you want to experience the kathmandu nightlife, Club Deja Vu is one of the best nightlife destinations due to its two stories and three upscale bars. The club’s 20,000 square feet of space are filled with interesting and novel features. Club Deja Vu’s first floor features a separate dining area for over 2500 guests. Every night, a huge number of people who like to party come to this club because of its nice decor, great sound system, and eye-catching lighting. The largest nightclub in Nepal, this venue boasts two stories and numerous VIP rooms. Special members with membership cards get access to a separate lounge and two VIP rooms.

The club always has a good time, whether it’s because of the live performances or the DJ playing energetic music.  Due to high demand, reservations are required for both seating and lodging at the club. If you reserve in advance, this space is available for private events and celebrations.  They offer a wide selection of drinks and meals. Experienced bartenders wow you with their incredible talents while serving up unusual cocktails.

Location: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Opening hours: 6 PM to 4 AM Daily 

Entry Fee: The total entry fee consists of 1 drink minimum ($5) + admission (changes throughout the evening) Admission fee times and prices are between: $10 – $15 .


Looking For Happy Hours?

 Be sure to check out the instagram of each bar and club, as they add drink specials and events there.

3. Purple Haze Rock Bar

Purple Haze Rock Bar

If you’re a fan of rock music, you should check out Purple Haze Rock Bar, one of the top rock bars in all of Kathmandu. The excellent food, distinctive drinks, stunning decor, and helpful staff only serve to enhance one of the best aspects of a great concert club—the fantastic sound system. At other places, bands just get a corner to play, but here, they are in the middle of the stage. The cocktails and the live music are what draw people here. Get yourself a beverage and some snacks, and settle in for some heavy rock. 

On the weekends, you can get in for 500 Ns, and that gets you in plus one free drink.  Purple Haze is a popular hangout for international visitors since it serves as a gateway to Nepali rock music.  The genre of the music will vary from band to band. They mainly play covers of well-known tunes. Tourists and the local older people love it here. 

Location: Paryatan Marg, Kathmandu, 44600, Nepal

Opening hours: 6 PM to 1 AM Daily 

Entrance Fee: There is no entrance fee on weekdays but on weekends , they will charge Ns. 500.

4. Sam’s Bar

Sam’s Bar

Sam’s Bar is a friendly restaurant specializing in the idea of hanging out and providing a setting for individuals to meet and talk to one another. It is one of the free entry clubs in kathmandu. Sam’s Bar can be a good option for people who wish to meet up in a quiet, relaxed setting.  As the name says, Sam’s Bar is a bar, not a restaurant.  There’s no wifi here, so customers can concentrate on making conversation with their other bar customers and have a party in kathmandu.  A positive mood can be maintained all day with the help of an upbeat music playlist. At the door, you’ll get your bracelet stamped, and then the party can begin.

Location: at the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu

Opening hours: 4 PM to 12 AM 

Entry Fee: Free

5. Senate Club

Senate Club

Senate Club, a two-story club in Thamel with a modest yet beautiful design, is another trendy and happening club in town.  The tasty drinks and dishes, the incredible energy of the audience, the bar, special events, and everything else they do are flawless.  They have some really awesome and amazing DJs who know how to get the crowd going with their Edm music.

The upper floor functions as a lounge, where you may sit, drink, and socialize. Another location to socialize is on the bottom level, which has a dance floor where you can dance all night long. If you want to know the senate club entry fee and admission this place is actually free, they may charge for major acts when a high-profile celebrity arrives to start a fire on stage. 

Location: J.P. Road, Kathmandu, 44600, Nepal

Opening hours: 7 PM to 5 AM 

Entry Fee: free till 11 PM; offer a 15% discount on foods and drinks before 11 PM.

6. Shangri-La Casino in Kathmandu

Casino in Kathmandu

Except for kathmandu clubs and bars here is one of the most beautiful casinos with gorgeous sights. Kathmandu also has a capital number of casinos that are open 24 hours a day. Try your luck at Shangri-La with pleasant gaming rooms or invitation-only VIP rooms, as well as free-flowing cocktails, amazing food, and, of course, wonderful music. 

It is a 24-hour casino that is well-known for having the highest number of jackpot winners. It is housed within the luxurious 5-star Hotel De L’Annapurna. This is a must-see while stepping out into the streets to experience the best nightlife in Kathmandu. This casino is a grand building with high-class services for its guests. One can spend an enjoyable evening trying their luck at a number of thrilling games available here, including blackjack, pontoon, poker, card games, baccarat, and other machine games so you can enjoy your nightlife kathmandu.

Location: Seto Dhoka Marg, Kathmandu

Opening hours: till 12 AM 

Entry Fee: There is no entrance fee but minimum age has to be 21 years to play

Party Tips: Drinks can get expensive, grab a beer at your local corner store before going into a club.

7. Club Platinum

Club Platinum

If you are looking for a night life in nepal, we recommend Club Platinum, which is one of Kathmandu’s newest and most popular nightclubs. Club Platinum has become a popular hangout for celebrities. Big performers are frequently spotted making appearances and performing on Club Platinum’s stage. It is one of the most technologically advanced nightclubs, with fully air-conditioned rooms, a fantastic sound system, CCTV surveillance, and large LCD screens. This newly opened nightclub has already created quite a stir among celebrities and young people.

The club features an excellent atmosphere and decor that is eye-catching. Furthermore, the powerful music system, expansive dance floor, and brilliant lighting system entice partygoers to conduct private parties and special events. The club may charge Ns. 1000 for admission, with the price varying depending on the event and the musician performing. Club Platinum is known for its excellent crowd, cocktails, music, and food.

Location: P859+VHG, Teendhara Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Opening hours: 7 PM to 5 AM Daily 

Entry Fee: Ns.1000 but it can vary

Final Verdict

Spending the evening at some of Kathmandu’s finest clubs and pubs may be a thrilling and entertaining experience.Numerous bars and taverns keep their lights up till the small hours of the morning, giving the impression that the city never sleeps.

You may have a fantastic time without breaking the bank at any of those clubs and bars. The places above are great for every type of night owl looking for a great place to hang out. Please go there and comment below on what you thought of it.


Kathmandu offers a vibrant and diverse nightlife with numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues catering to different preferences and tastes.

Thamel and Lazimpat are the two most popular areas for nightlife in Kathmandu, known for their wide range of bars, pubs, and dance clubs.

Bars and clubs in Kathmandu usually open in the late afternoon or early evening and stay open until midnight. Some clubs may have extended hours on weekends.

Yes, Kathmandu is home to several casinos where visitors can enjoy gambling, live entertainment, and dining options.

While there is no strict dress code, it is recommended to dress smart-casual or in attire appropriate for the venue you plan to visit.

 Like in any other city, it’s advisable to stay alert, avoid walking alone late at night, and take necessary precautions with your belongings to ensure a safe and enjoyable nightlife experience in Kathmandu.

The typical expenditure for an evening in Kathmandu is approximately Ns. 5,000 (equivalent to USD 45). If you plan to attend a club, the entrance fee usually falls within the range of Ns. 500 to Ns. 2,000. Allocating around Ns. 3,000 for beverages should suffice to enjoy some drinks, considering prices range from Ns. 300 to Ns. 600 per drink and can get you into a tipsy state.

The trend of online dating is on the rise in Nepal, gaining popularity in the local dating landscape. The predominant searches revolve around finding “singles in your vicinity,” leading to the widespread use of international dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, and OkCupid in the country.

When is the optimal time to explore Kathmandu? The most favorable period to visit any location is generally when the weather is pleasant. For Kathmandu, the peak season falls in September, October, November, and December, while the moderate season spans March, April, and May.




Many thrilling nighttime activities in Kathmandu include:

Checking out popular clubs and bars
Strolling through Thamel Street
Trying your luck at a casino
Enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner
Experiencing folk music and dance performances
Observing the Jatras

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