Getting from Bangkok to Pai

Discover the best ways to journey from Bangkok to Pai, Thailand, with ease. Explore transportation options, travel tips, and more for a seamless trip to this picturesque destination

bangkok to pai

Planning a trip to Thailand? Ever dreamed of exploring Pai’s serene mountains in the north? Well, getting from bustling Bangkok to peaceful Pai is easier than you think! In this guide, I’ll break down your transportation options and ensure your journey to Pai is smooth and memorable.

What to expect on Pai?

Bangkok To Pai Map
Get ready for a taste of tranquility in Pai, Thailand! This laid-back gem is sure to captivate you with its relaxed atmosphere and stunning surroundings. Picture friendly locals, cozy bungalows with hammocks, and majestic mountains all around. It’s the perfect recipe for a blissful escape!

Bangkok to PAI how to get there?

Planning a trip from Bangkok to Pai, Thailand? Learn about the various routes and transportation choices in our guide. We’ll also explore how this peaceful destination gained popularity while retaining its distinct appeal.

bangkok to Pai via flights

Looking to save time or avoid lengthy travel? Opting for a flight from Bangkok to Pai could be your solution. Although direct flights aren’t available, you can catch a domestic flight to Chiang Mai followed by a bus or van ride to Pai.

Here’s your step-by-step guide:

1.Start by heading to one of Bangkok’s airports like Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang.
2.Book a domestic flight to Chiang Mai from various airlines operating this route.
3.Upon landing at Chiang Mai International Airport, head to the ground transportation area.
4.Look for transportation counters offering tickets to Pai.
5.Purchase your ticket and embark on a comfortable bus or van ride, soaking in the lush landscapes.
6.Arrive at Pai’s bus station conveniently located in the town center.
7.Flying is the quickest option, but keep in mind the additional costs like baggage fees and higher ticket prices.

bangkok to pai via bus

Traveling from Bangkok to Pai by bus is not only the most common but also budget-friendly. Here’s a unique guide for your journey:

Begin your adventure by heading to the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) in Bangkok. Reachable by BTS Skytrain or taxi, it’s your gateway to Pai.
Secure your ticket to Pai from one of the counters inside the terminal. To avoid any hassle, consider purchasing your ticket ahead of time, especially during peak tourist seasons.
Once onboard, settle into your seat and prepare for the scenic ride ahead. As the bus winds its way through the countryside and mountains of northern Thailand, immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape.
Upon arrival in Pai, the bus will drop you off at the central bus station, conveniently located in the heart of town. From there, it’s a breeze to reach your accommodation and start exploring Pai’s charm.

Travel Tip: If you get car sick, I suggest a bag and motionsickness pills.

bangkok to pai via train

Embarking on a train journey from Bangkok to Pai? While it’s not a direct route, it’s an adventure worth considering.

Here’s a simple guide just for you:
1.Begin your journey at one of Bangkok’s train stations, like Hua Lamphong. Secure your train ticket to Chiang Mai, aiming for a sleeper berth if you’re opting for the overnight trip, ensuring maximum comfort.
2.Upon arrival in Chiang Mai, stroll over to the adjacent Arcade Bus Station, your gateway to Pai.
3.Seek out the ticket counters offering transportation to Pai and snag your ticket for the next leg of your journey.
4.Settle into the bus or van and unwind as you traverse through the captivating countryside en route to Pai.
5.As you arrive in Pai, the bus station awaits you at the heart of the town, ready to welcome you to your destination.
6.While the train journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai unveils mesmerizing Thai landscapes, keep in mind that it’s a longer route, spanning around 12-15 hours by train and an additional 3-4 hours to reach Pai. So, if time allows, savor the scenic ride, but if efficiency is key, consider alternative modes of transportation.

Bangkok to Pai via car rental

Prefer the freedom of the open road? Renting a car in Bangkok and embarking on a road trip to Pai offers a unique adventure. Here’s your personalized roadmap:

1.Secure a rental car from a trusted agency in Bangkok, selecting one tailored for Pai’s winding mountain roads.
2,Plot your course beforehand using GPS, guiding you along Route 107 and Route 1095, renowned for their picturesque scenery.
3.Ensure you have all necessary documents, including an international driving permit, before hitting the road.
4.Immerse yourself in the beauty of the countryside, pausing to capture unforgettable moments along the way.
5.Upon arrival in Pai, park your car at your chosen accommodation or explore the town’s parking options and prepare for your Pai exploration.

Bangkok to Pai via motorbike

If you’re craving an adventure and fancy yourself a seasoned motorbike enthusiast, why not journey from Bangkok to Pai on two wheels?

Here’s your personalized roadmap with added safety tips:

1.Begin by renting a motorbike from one of Bangkok’s reputable rental shops. Opt for a well-maintained bike that you feel confident riding.
2.Plot your route meticulously, familiarizing yourself with the roads and directions. Take note of key stops and gas stations along the way to keep your journey smooth.
3.Prioritize safety by packing essential gear: helmets, protective clothing, and a first aid kit. Your safety gear is your lifeline, so don’t leave without it!
4.Take it slow and steady, especially on the winding mountain roads. Respect local traffic laws, and resist the urge to speed. Remember, it’s all about the journey, not just the destination.
5.Upon your arrival in Pai, rest easy knowing that many accommodations offer secure parking for motorbikes, ensuring your prized possession stays safe and sound.

What to enjoy on Pai?

In Pai, Thailand, there’s so much to enjoy:

1.Stunning Views: Lose yourself in Pai’s gorgeous landscapes, with lush green mountains and peaceful rice fields.
2.Relaxing Hot Springs: Take a dip in natural hot springs, perfect for unwinding and soothing your senses.
3.Refreshing Waterfalls: Cool off in Pai’s waterfalls, like Pam Bok and Mo Paeng, great for a refreshing swim.
4.Vibrant Night Market: Dive into Pai’s lively night market, where you can savor local treats, shop for crafts, and enjoy live music.
5.Cultural Exploration: Visit temples like Wat Phra That Mae Yen to soak up Pai’s rich culture and traditions.
6.Outdoor Adventures: Get your adrenaline pumping with activities like trekking, zip-lining, and bamboo rafting amidst Pai’s stunning scenery.
7.Serene Wellness: Find your inner peace with yoga classes or wellness retreats, embracing Pai’s laid-back vibe.




In conclusion, traveling from Bangkok to Pai offers a journey filled with diverse experiences and memorable adventures. Whether you prefer the convenience of flying, the flexibility of driving, or the budget-friendly option of taking the bus, each mode of transportation presents its own unique charm. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the tranquil mountains of Pai, this route promises to captivate travelers with its scenic beauty and cultural richness. So, pack your bags, embark on your chosen path, and prepare for an unforgettable exploration of Thailand’s hidden gem, Pai.


Grab may not be widely available in Pai, Thailand, as it is in larger cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. However, local taxis, motorbike taxis, and rental services are commonly used for transportation within Pai. It’s best to explore these options for getting around the town.

Pai does not have its own airport. The nearest airport to Pai is in Chiang Mai, called Chiang Mai International Airport. From Chiang Mai, travelers can reach Pai by bus, van, car, or motorbike, as there are no direct flights to Pai.

If you’ve ever pondered whether Pai is worth a visit, the resounding answer is yes! Pai stands out as one of Thailand’s most distinctive and less-traveled destinations, offering an array of natural beauty, a tranquil bohemian vibe, and a thriving arts community.

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Want More Information On Thailand?

Be sure to check out my nomad travel guide on the Thailand for even more tips.

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