Why Visit Keelung for the Ghost Festival

The Ghost Festival is a great time to visit Keelung. Let's embark on a ghostly journey together!

Keelung Ghost Festival

Have you ever experienced the allure of an untold story? The desire to immerse oneself in a culture that is so vivid that the boundaries between this world and the next, or both? The Ghost Festival is a great time to visit Keelung. Let’s embark on a ghostly journey together!

Understanding the Ghost Festival

The Historical Background

Originating centuries ago, the Ghost Festival is essentially the Asian version of Halloween. But, there’s a twist! This is not about spooky costumes; it’s about honoring spirits and ensuring they find peace.

Legend has it, during this time, the gates of the afterlife open, allowing spirits to roam our world; this is why this festival is also know as the “Ghost Month”

A tad eerie, right? But also, kinda cool!

Keelung's Unique Celebrations

grey concrete buildings during daytime

Keelung isn’t just any Taiwanese city. It’s THE city to experience the Ghost Festival.

The Floating Lanterns

Imagine a sky filled with lanterns that are all carrying messages and wishes for the deceased. Stunning and comforting all at once! The streets are bustling with offerings for the spirits, including food, beverages, and even fake money! You have to wonder, huh? What would you leave out for your ancestors?

How to get involved

Get ready to immerse yourself, folks! This isn’t your usual tour. See what this festival is about from a local with your very own keelung ghost tour, or check this map below to see where the festival is celebrated in town. Around the port of Badouzi you will be able to see floating lanterns drifting into the sea, or ceremonies in the streets of keelung.


Traditional Street Performances

From operas to puppet shows, the streets are a stage! It’s storytelling at its best. More activities include martial arts, children’s activities, and art competitions.

Street Ceremonies: Local Beliefs and Traditions

Chat up with a local, and you’re in for tales of traditions passed down generations. You will find ceremonies in different parts of towns. As each street could have its own small celebration.

The Ghost Market (Miaokou Night Market)

a group of people standing around a food market

Hustle, bustle, and a touch of the supernatural. Shop for charms, talismans, or just soak in the otherworldly vibes. This market is a great place to go after the ceremonies are complete for a snack.

Absorbing the Atmosphere

Come celebrate with locals and enjoy this unique festival. For a more complete history and information, please visit this Taiwanese site, Keelung Walking Tours.

Coming soon: Top Things To Do In Keelung

Common Questions About The Ghost Festival

The Ghost Festival, or Zhongyuan Festival, usually takes place on the 15th night of the seventh month of the lunar calendar.

Absolutely! While the themes are supernatural, the celebrations are friendly and welcoming.

Yes, Keelung locals appreciate and welcome the interest of tourists, but always remember to be respectful.

While there’s no strict dress code, dressing modestly out of respect for the local customs is recommended.

ertainly! You’ll find delicacies like rice dumplings and special sweet treats, symbolizing blessings and protection.

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