Top 7 Instagrammable Places In Moscow

This article will guide you through the top Instagrammable places in Moscow. Don’t miss out photographing these aesthetic places in Moscow.

Top 7 Instagrammable places in Moscow

The Russian capital city of Moscow is packed with exciting attractions. It might be difficult to determine how to begin a trip, so I’ve included a list of the most amazing activities and picturesque locations I’ve discovered along the way.

This should serve as a solid foundation for your vacation and provide direction as you set out to discover everything that this beautiful city has to offer.

1. Red Square

Red Square is a must-see if you ever find yourself in Moscow. St. Basil’s Cathedral and the State Historical Museum are just two of the many architectural marvels that can be found in this area of Moscow. Several national military parades and big events take place there every year.

A beautiful picture of the Red Square is available for your reference. It’s hard because it’s one of Moscow’s most popular tourist spots and the best photo spots in moscow, but it’s not impossible. If you want to take a picture of the Red Square without people in it, try pointing the camera upward.

Location: Moscow , Russia 

Opening hours: 24 hours 

Entrance Fees: Free

2. The Kremlin

If you are wandering the best areas in moscow, we suggest the Kremlin, which can be found close to the Red Square. It is strongly suggested that you visit the Kremlin. It has a lot of beautiful historical buildings, like the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the Grand Palace, and the Cathedral of the Archangel, that are close together.

The Kremlin, in the centre of Moscow, is the official residence of the president. In Russian, Kremlin means “fortress inside a city.” It is located in the centre of the capital and was originally the location of the Russian Imperial Palace. You may photograph the sparkling Kremlin from the other side of the river simply by crossing the bridge.

Location: Moscow, Russia, 103132

Opening hours: Summer(May 15 to Sep 30) 10 AM to 6 PM , Winter 10 AM to 5 PM 

Entrance Fees: 700 Rubles 

3. Cathedral Of Christ The Saviour

A massive church with a distinctive golden dome is located not far from the nearby Red Square. You may have seen this as you walked around the Red Square, so don’t forget to make it a stop on one of your walks. The cathedral has a viewing point from which you can survey all of Moscow below. If you want to take a good picture of Moscow, you can stand right before the bridge stops and connect it to the cathedral platform. If you do this with the cathedral on your left, you’ll get a nice view of the city. The main building of Moscow State University is a mix of old Russian style and modern style. This makes for a beautiful contrast between the two styles, especially at sunset. It is the best aerial view of moscow.

Location: Ulitsa Volkhonka, 15, Moskva, Russia, 119019

Opening hours: Mon 1 to 5 PM , Tues to Sun 10 AM to 5 PM 

Entrance Fees: Free

4. The Museum Of Cosmonautics

If you’re into space, you’ve probably heard of Yuri Gagarin, who was the first person to go into space. What better way to show your respect while visiting his home nation than by going to the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow? There is a history of the first humans, canines, and other animals to travel into space, as well as a big collection of incredible space instruments and satellites utilised throughout the Space Race.

You can spend a half day here in one of the most beautiful places in moscow. Learn about the USSR’s role in the Space Race.  If you don’t mind waiting in long lines, you can get into the museum for free every third Sunday of the month.

Location: Prospekt Mira, 111, Moscow, Russia, 129223

Opening hours: Tues , Wed , Fri , Sun 10 AM to 7 PM , Thurs & Sat 10 AM to 9 PM 

Entrance Fees: 350 Rubles 

5. Arbat Walking Street

Looking for beautiful places to take pictures near me? Have a coffee in moscow after your tiring day after work. The Arbat pedestrian street is the place to be to watch Russian street entertainers entertain diverse crowds. Many street performers set up shop on the streets, under the connecting bridges, and near the Arbat metro station’s entrance, even in the depths of a Russian winter.The greatest time to photograph street performers is after work, when more people will be out and about.

Location:  In the historic centre of Moscow 

Opening hours: 24 hours 

Entrance Fees: Free

6. Moscow State University

One of the “Seven Sisters of Moscow” is Moscow University, whose main building is on Sparrow Hills. With a tower height of 240 metres, 36 stories, and four wings, it was also the highest building in Europe at the time. Its hallways reportedly stretch for 33 kilometres and house almost 5,000 sleeping quarters. It can be considered one of the best places in moscow.

At the top of the red star is a house and a place to look around. The building is covered with huge designs of clocks, barometers, thermometers, and other instruments. It is covered with sickle and axe-shaped sculptures and patterns.If you stroll through the botanical garden and then turn around, you’ll notice a lovely reflection of the university’s beauty in the water.

Location: Ulitsa Kolmogorova, 1, Moscow, Russia, 119991

7. Moscow Business District

One of the best places in moscow to visit is the Moscow business district. There are many great buildings in Moscow, but if you want to view them all in one spot, head to the riverside observation deck beside the Bagration Bridge. Get off at Kievskaya on the subway, and head northwest through the streets until you reach the river. You can get a great picture of modern Moscow from this point of view.

This viewing deck is not very well known, so you shouldn’t have to deal with a lot of people. If you go all the way along the river, you’ll reach a spot where a dock falls to the water’s edge. You may possibly obtain a stunning photo of these buildings on a calm day or night.

Entrance Fees: 900 Rubles

Final Thoughts

Russia’s history and culture are unlike any other. The museums and exhibitions in Moscow are among the best in the world. You may walk through the middle and view and even touch buildings that are hundreds of years old. The historic churches and picturesque streets of Russia will give you a taste of the country’s famous history.

Common Questions About Places In Moscow

Moscow offers numerous Instagram-worthy spots, but some popular ones include the colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral, the iconic Red Square, the stunning Moscow Metro stations like Mayakovskaya and Komsomolskaya, the beautiful Gorky Park, the historical and picturesque Arbat Street, and the impressive Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

To capture the best photos of Moscow’s landmarks, try visiting during sunrise or sunset when the light is most favorable. Experiment with different angles and perspectives, and don’t be afraid to explore the less-traveled areas around the monuments. Additionally, using props or posing with interesting compositions can make your photos stand out.

Absolutely! Moscow has several hidden gems that make for unique Instagram photos. Some lesser-known spots include the secret rooftop views from the Moscow State University building, the vibrant Flacon design factory, the enchanting Muzeon Park of Arts, the trendy Zaryadye Park with its floating bridge, and the whimsical Sanduny Banya bathhouse.

 When editing your Instagram photos of Moscow, consider using editing apps to enhance colors, contrast, and saturation. Experiment with different filters to achieve a consistent aesthetic throughout your feed. For Moscow’s winter shots, adjusting the temperature and adding a touch of warmth can elevate the icy landscapes.

 Yes, the season can impact the visual appeal of Moscow’s Instagrammable places. In spring, you can capture the blooming flowers and blossoming trees. Summers offer vibrant greenery and boat rides along Moscow River. Autumn showcases beautiful foliage and the golden hues of the city. Winter presents a fairy tale-like setting with snow-covered landscapes and ice-skating rinks.

To discover unique angles and perspectives of Moscow’s landmarks, challenge yourself to explore different vantage points by wandering off the beaten path. Climb nearby hills, visit surrounding buildings with rooftop terraces, or take boat tours to capture iconic landmarks from unusual angles. Look for reflections and play with leading lines to add depth and creativity to your shots.

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