Why choosing the right shoes can make or break a trip

We tend to leave a few things behind when packing for a trip, and just throwing other things into our bags.  For one, it can be difficult to know when you are packing too much. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the shoes you decided to take Hopefully after reading this article, I can convince you to take more multi-purpose options that are available.  Let’s take a look at some of the items we may consider packing first.


If you know you are going to spend a lot of your time in a region with a warmer climate, we tend to go for either flip-flops or sandals. Flip flops are perfect for ease of use, weight and style, as well peace of mind because due to their low value they are easy to replace if they are ever stolen or lost.Going to the beach? Going island hopping? Then flip flops may be the right choice. But don’t grab that pair yet! What about their cousin, the sandals.


Sandals have are more flexible, as you don’t have to wear them just to go to the beach. But can wear them in any place were the climate is hot or wet. An added feature is that most sandals stay on your foot more securely than flip flops. With better support, you can easily take a short-day hike, go to the beach, and drive your scooter, without having to grab another pair of shoes.

Running shoes

Going for a long day hike? It may be worth to take a pair of running shoes. No matter the trip, I always suggest taking a pair. You will thank yourself later, when you don’t go home with blisters! Make sure you break in your shoes before going on a long trip. Yes, I know you bought a new pair of shoes that look better, but is it worth having your feet hurt? I’ve made this mistake before, but wont again.  

Hiking Boots

If you know you are going to go on many more rocky hikes, pack some boots. A little known hint, wear them on your flight, so they don’t take up space in your luggage. Again, make sure that you break them in and that you have the proper hiking socks. I have ended up with many blisters due to not having the appropriate socks and soles.


Flats are a much safer option for evening shoes. If you want to dress up while commuting and you don’t feel comfortable wearing flip-flops or sandals to do so, then pick up a pair of flats to snazz up every outfit you own.

Tips for Packing the Best Travel Shoes

When it comes to shoes and travel, take the bare minimum you know you’re going to need and if that isn’t enough, buy some while you’re out there.
  • Pack only three pairs. The pros say two ought to do but you can choose three for a longer trip. I suggest that one pair is either waterproof or breathable.
  • Pick a travel palette.Choosing an accent color and a foundation of neutrals is the best way to prepare a versatile travel wardrobe; go for neutral colors.
  • Wear the largest of your shoes. Do you need to take snowboots or sneakers? Save space in your luggage wear them on the plane!
  • Don’t pack brand-new shoes. Although some travelers say they can wear high-quality walking shoes without any problems right out of the box, it is not worth the gamble. A few weeks before your travel split with your new walking shoes.
  • Invest well in socks. The use of inexpensive, thin socks negates the advantages of high quality walking shoes. Smart Wool, Thorlo and Darn Tough socks are recommended by The Experienced Backpacker.
  • Pack up first aid for your feet Moleskine (fuzzy adhesive strips) can help avoid the formation of blisters, while a Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Kit prevents raw spots on your feet.

what shoes to wear for hiking

For this you want either a good pair or running shoes or actual hiking boots. When wearing hiking boots, be sure to wear the proper socks and to tie the boots snuggly, otherwise you will get blisters.

best shoes for backpacking


Europe has a lot of cobblestoned walk ways and roads. Be sure to buy a shoe with built in padding or buy an insole that is comfortable.

best sneakers for travel

A dark sneaker with insole padding, makes it easy to clean and comfortable for walking

Best shoe to wear for rainy season

Nothing beats a good pair of sandals or rain boots. Its best to just pack sandals, as rain boots are bulky, unless you are sure that you will be hitting the main rainy season or areas often hit by typhoons (East Asia)

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