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Singapore is known for its amazing airport and nature activities. Do not skip, the best attraction, Gardens by the Bay.

8 Reasons To go to gardens by the bay singapore

Singapore, a vibrant city-state that’s home to a plethora of incredible sights and sounds, is also where you’ll find the phenomenal Gardens by the Bay—a natural paradise nestled amidst picturesque urban landscapes. If you haven’t planned a visit yet, here are 8 reasons to go to Gardens by the Bay.

1. The Supertree Grove

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Marvel at the truly spellbinding sight of the Supertree Grove. These alien-like trees tower above the garden landscape, delivering a unique fusion of nature and modern architecture.

2. Cloud Forest

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Next stop: the cloud forest. This encapsulated mountain-dome contains the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. You’ll feel as if you’ve teleported to another dimension. Isn’t that a true testament to the marvels of nature?

3. Flower Dome

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Dubbed as the world’s largest greenhouse, the Flower Dome showcases an explosion of natural colors. Vibrant flowers from various corners of the world adorn the space, portraying a global garden in full bloom.

4. Children’s Garden

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Traveling with young ones? Don’t worry – the Gardens have got you covered. The Far East Organization Children’s Garden features play areas, interactive games, and even water tunnels.

5. Outdoor Gardens

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Initiate a tranquil walk along the outdoor gardens – a haven for nature lovers. From Indian to Chinese Gardens, and from secret life of trees to heritage gardens, there’s much to explore and absorb.

6. Sensational Light Shows

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The Gardens by the Bay aren’t just a daytime affair. When night falls, the Supertree Grove dazzles with an amazing light show, the OCBC Garden Rhapsody.

7. Sustainable Project

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Image by: Culture Trip

By visiting Gardens by the Bay, you’re supporting a worthy environmental cause. The Garden’s sustainable practices and water conservation efforts make it a driving force in preserving biodiversity.

8. Dining and Shopping

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Looking for more? The gardens also offer a variety of dining options and shops, promising a complete recreational experience.


Gardens by the Bay offers more than the regular city park. It’s envisioned as a space where visitors can learn and appreciate the exquisite blend of nature, science, and art. So, are you ready to fall in love with Singapore in a whole new light?


The months between November and March are ideal times to visit, as temperatures become cooler.

You can avail tours for Gardens by the Bay via operators like Viator and Getyourguide.

You can bring food, and picnic around but cannot take outside food into indoor areas.

Tickets can be purchased same day, in the evenings the SuperTree holds a free lightshow.

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