10 Things to know about Japanese Etiquette, don’t be rude.

Don’t be another rude tourist.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are going to visit Japan. Etiquette is considered very important and there are certain things are considered as bad manners.

1. Greet people in their traditional way, by bowing down. Don’t emphasize too much on the exact manner, just tilt forward at your waist while keeping your arms by your sides.

2. Always carry your business card with you. Apart from business dealings, exchanging business cards is considered a way to show your interest in another person and respecting their career and position.

3. Take your shoes off before entering someone’s’ house. Keep your eyes open for restaurants and temples where people are leaving their shoes outside in the racks by the door.

4. Eating on the run or drinking coffee while walking is not a thing you will find here. If you want to blend in, finish your food and drink right at the place you bought it.

5. Japanese are very sensitive about their chopstick traditions. They consider it rude to snap them apart and then rubbing them together. Learn to use them beforehand or just lay them aside if you don’t know how to use them.

6. You don’t need to tip in Japan. Don’t leave your change at the table or someone will come after you to return it.

7. Wait patiently for your turn, whether you are at a coffee shop, boarding a train or whatever it is. Japanese are sophisticated and organized people and scrupulous queue makers, so, you are going to witness lots of queues everywhere.

8. Another mistake that many tourists make is chasing the geishas to have a picture with them while they are going their way. This is considered bad and is inconvenient for them.

9. When drinking with Japanese friends or locals, never pour a drink for yourself as it is considered very bad. Always pour a drink for others and wait for someone to pour for you.

10. You will rarely see any garbage bin on roads in Japan. They keep their garbage with them and dispose of it properly at the home or hotel.


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