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The Future Social Distancing Raves: Drive-In Raves

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New Adventure

This last weekend I was convinced to go to something I have never before done. A drive in rave. What’s that? Well it’s like a drive-in move theater, but instead of watching a movie you are watching a performance and listening from your FM Radio.

Preparing for your first drive-in rave

We were lucky to have been very prepared compared to some others. We also went 30 minutes early to secure a good spot. Here are a few KEY things to have.

  1. A portable speaker with FM radio: This made a world of a difference it felt like we were by the stage
  2. Bring your own lights: We were one of few cars with our own light show, adding to the experience
  3. Lots of water and  ALCOHOL.: Of course drive safe but the best part of this event was that you could bring food and alcohol
  4. Toilet Paper: Lets just say the restrooms were not great
  5. A good attitude: An event like this is only as fun as the people you are with
  6. Some Chairs: For when you get tired of dancing
  7. Don’t forget your mask and hand sanitizer.


Be prepared for some people to come a little closer than you want, not everyone is following the strict distancing rule. But there were attendants making sure that most people followed the rules such as keeping your mask on and staying close to your car. 

I had a few reservations myself too about the event but overall I felt like I was safe. I had my mask, didn’t touch my face and kept a safe distance from people not in my car. 

Take Aways

There will be more events like this since social distancing will be enforced for a while. Take advantage of this type of event. Its a great way to get out of the house. You still run risk of catching the virus when going to any social event, but if you stick to your group and don’t touch your eyes you should be mostly A OK.

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